Recorded/mixed at Dr. Pirates Ship from March 2012-June 2013 using my fingers/pick, an ebow and violin bow on an acoustic guitar borrowed from my friend Leah and an SM57 microphone plugged into a Fulltone Tube Tape Echo. Laptop was mostly used for looping and mixing. No other effects used. 

“… is a slow movement of light strumming, reverberant humming, and an underlying rhythm like that of a far away train rattling through a dense, moist forest. The following cultural reference registers more positively with some than with others, but trust that it is intended as fully appreciative when suggested that the track sounds, for all its sublimated pleasure, like Led Zeppelin just before it bursts out of its occultist haze and rocks out. Here, however, the rock never comes. There is just the lovely murk of songless ruralisms left to lull themselves to sleep.” 

Marc Weidenbaum (from a blog post about a demo version of one of these tracks that i posted to soundcloud last year)

“…as organic as Mountains used to be and as heartfelt as Andrew Weathers, taking a guitar and a tape delay and coaxing out the softest most delicate sounds…” 

Justin Snow (antigravity bunny) 

Released June 1, 2014 

Mastered by Joe Panzner (Autumn 2013) 
Cover photo is a collage of 2 photos by Kirstie Shanley