r 3 d @ c T i 0 n

Longer-form ambient landscapes + drones — a mix where a portion of every song has been deleted, edited, ghosted over or withheld from the listener’s ear. Given the country in which I live, it would be easy for the reader to ascertain from whence the inspiration for this project, an inadvertent follow up to 2015’s ‘r u s t‘ mix, originated.

The cuts, splicing, insertions & omissions all served to make this a navigable mix. Most of the compositions were entirely too long to be included in their original format. That being said, I’m sure you’ll find that this flows smoothly with almost imperceptible transitions between compositions, as well as where the “drop-outs” & ghost-editing occur. It’s an effort to Make Mixing Great Again (#MMGA)!!

The cover art was crafted from a 300 foot view of the redactions contained within the Mueller Report; a creative piece of American political fiction itself based upon an unearthed copy of an old Mother Goose nail-biter, entitled The Tale of the Steele Dossier (which was bought & paid for by the [ultimate] loser of our 2016 presidential campaign).

Fabrication, it would seem, has its drawbacks . . .

Some of the oral r3d@cTi0ns can be heard ever so slightly on the project’s final track.

Peace out, ;- ) !


Project Notes

01 Michael Trommer – Phonopuls.01
02 Alessandro Adriani – Casting the Runes
03 Excerpt: Framework Radio’s #677 mix
04 Michele Rabbia, Gianluca Petrella & Eivind Aarset – Flotsam
05 France Jobin – Singulum__m (excerpt)
06 Steve Roach – Deadwood
07 Steve Roach & Loren Nerell – Para.Terra
08 Lorren Stafford – Inching Glaciers (edit)
09 Oophoi – Walpurgisnacht
10 Seofon & Steve Roach – Rev. 20-13 Teknos (fragment)
11 Freq. Magnet – Nitrous
12 SINthetik Messiah – AN-02
13 Rag Dun – The Place of Potentials
14 Benjamin Dauer & Specta Ciera – Shadows Emerging


Number 59

Every so often I’m impressed with the work of other mixers. Such is the case with Laima Persik, & her ‘Dimensions’ series. I have several editions of this series on my phone – and was impressed with the compositions on number fifty-nine.

It did, however, run a bit long for my listening preferences & the sequence of the compositions needed a little tweaking, in my opinion.

And so here it is . . . remixed. I sliced & edited the tracks – so much so that I don’t know the actual order of the titles. I added the following tracks – in this order, at different intervals within the overall construct of the mix.:

01. Resonance EXTRA – Lea Navigations #6 – The Olympic Park (excerpt)
02. Alio Die/Nick Parkin – Nitre (with excerpted portions of noise)
03. Alessandro Cortini + Lawrence English – Immediate Horizon 3

In addition to the new tracks, I added some ghost editing (layers of sound atop sound), some longer fades/segues & a modified piece of cover art.

As I’m writing this, I have it on ear-buds (for about the dozenth time).
Think of it as an Ambient Landscape cover of a Laima Persik mix!
: )

Serpentines & Valleys (24bit) by ESKOSTATIC

Ambient Landscape:
This is a great IDM/Minimal Techno/Downtempo excursion into beat-based, rhythmic sound. I’ve used it on 2 road trips already, along with several cups of Starbucks Dark Roast, to keep my attention focused on the road ahead.

As a primarily Ambient fan, the intricate aural weaving of minimal techno soundscapes intrigues me to the point of regular play-back whilst behind the wheel: whether it’s the sub-base lines vibrating through the leather seats – or my fingertips tapping the dash @ the 12 o’clock position of my steering wheel, this is a keeper for anyone’s auto-collection.
Thanks, Martin & Esko!

And many thanks, too, to Sandrine @ Ultimae for alerting me to this, pre-release

Inspired by the unique landscapes and lights from the Ligurian region, Serpentines & Valleys presents several months of collaborative work between composers and producers, Martin Nonstatic (Martin Van Rossum, Netherlands) and Esko Barba (Marcel Montel, Sweden) – under their portmanteau moniker – Eskostatic.

This Road Trip album surfaces from pure Ambient Electronica to deliver undulating Downtempo, inviting curvy basslines and morphing cadences to meddle with crafty rhythms, airy pads and rich modular tweaks.

Serpentines & Valleys is brimming with emotions, stirring melodies and lush soundscapes which reveal an inventive and mesmerizing tale.

The artwork was created with argentic pictures by Kolkata based photographer Jayanta Roy.

Released July 24, 2019

All tracks written & produced by Marcel Montel & Martin Van Rossum
Mastered by Vincent Villuis at Ultimae Studios
Artwork by Arnaud Galoppe & Vincent Villuis
Photo credits : Jayanta Roy

Immediate Horizon by Alessandro Cortini + Lawrence English

Having become mutual admirers of each others work; English of Cortini’s Sonno and Cortini of English’s Wilderness Of Mirrors, the pair were very pleased to receive an invitation to collaborate together.

Following a number of months exchanging compositional ideas and materials, Cortini and English met in Berlin several days ahead of the festival and commenced an intense period of rehearsal and arrangement. The resulting piece, Immediate Horizon, traces their shared interests in harmony and texture. It is a work that meditates on saturation and the ruptures that occur when harmonic elements are stacked. Immediate Horizon’s five pieces swell and burst in a perpetual sense of pulse.

This LP is a live recording, made at the premiere of the piece during Berlin Atonal, held at Kraftwerk in Berlin.

Released November 30, 2018

This edition is published by the fine folk at Important Records

s i l e n c e

s i l e n c e | Classical/Neo Classical | 92:55

Classical, Neo-Classical & Ambient rolled into a quiet offering of ear-candy for you! It was the perfect spot to place one of the pieces of ‘Heartland‘, a work for string quartet composed by Markus Reuter.


01 Yoshino Naoko & Gidon Kremer – Spiegel Im Spiegel
02 Izumi Tateno – For Away
03 Igor Ardasev – No. 6 Sonetto 123 Del Patrarca in A Flat Major
04 Izumi Tateno & Gidon Kremer – Tabula Rasa, II.- Senza moto
05 Ma Ja Le & James Johnson – Hibiscus Ceremony
06 Tim Story – The Color of Vowels
07 Nest – Marefjellet
08 Gidon Kremer w/ Kremerata Baltica – Paert, Darf ich
09 Matangi String Quartet/Markus Reuter – The Magic Universe
10 Max Roach + Jang Jion – Moon Over the Great Wall
11 Vassilis Tsabropoulos – Achiran
12 Kronos Quartet – Sofia Gubaidulina Quartet No 2

Still Pieces, by Ian Vine

Recently I have written a series of pieces that are concerned in one way or another with the presentation of unique, and yet similar, events or objects. 
In this work there are twenty-four pieces for flute(s), accordion, acoustic guitar(s), piano, electronics, which combine to form an hour-long work.

The pieces can be played in any order; there are 620,448,401,733,239,439,360,000 permutations. 

total time: [60:00]

Releases December 24, 2018 

flutes: Jennifer George 
accordion, guitars, piano: Ian Vine 

flutes and guitars recorded at first moon, UK, September 2018 
accordion and piano recorded by lunar module in Oregon, USA, August 2018 

mixed and mastered at first moon by Ian Vine, November-December 2018 

many thanks to KAG for the use of her accordion and piano 

Drift Stations EP, by Glåsbird

Glåsbird is an anonymous project by an established artist within the Ambient/Modern Classical scene. To date this artist name has not produced any work that has been published and we’re proud to present both the first ever Glåsbird release as well as the debut album, due out early next year. 

The Glåsbird sound is undefined and we’re told that it will be used to demonstrate working to themes, ideas and soundtracks. The artist studies their chosen topic intently before crafting electro-acoustic recordings into evocative cinematic soundscapes. The debut album Grønland is a sonic expedition to Greenland, tracking the enormous frozen ice cap, the colourful scandi huts and its lack of human inhabitants. 
The preceding Drift Stations EP features two tracks which tell the story of embarking on this imaginary journey to Greenland, as it begins in the North Pole before traversing the frozen Arctic Circle sea towards the monolithic landmass. 

In a brief section of recording space, the artist has stitched together a shrill and lonely coldness using violin, cello, sparse piano notes and other digitally effected acoustic instruments. Drift Stations is then set off with a magnificent photograph, taken on Greenland by photographer and tour guide Lasse Kyed.

Released December 14, 2018 

Written and produced by Glåsbird 
Mastered by James Edward Armstrong 
Photography by Lasse Kyed

elements_windows (single pane)

In actuality, part 4 of the elements_windows series . . . but considerably shorter & predominantly piano-based ether-jazz. A single malt mix, the pace of which quickens as the listener nears the end (tracks 8, 9 & 10). Check the boxes: quietude, temporal, experimental, euro-funk . . . a 1/2 day’s journey into Jazz.

[I’m not saying that an obsessive compulsion is absolutely necessary when crafting these slabs of sound . . . but it certainly doesn’t, uhm . . . hurt. ;- ) | 54:04



01 Marc Sinan & Oguz Buyukberber – Upon Nothingness, White
02 Kristjan Randalu, Ben Monder & Markku Ounaskari – Escapism
03 Yaz Ahmed – Misophonia
04 Barre Phillips, William Parker, Tetsu Saitoh & Jodlle Leandre – Bleu Grek
05 Thomas Strønen & Time Is A Blind Guide – La Bella
06 Shinya Fukumori Trio – Silent Chaos
07 Hely – Chopin Space Station
08 Nik Bärtsch’s Ronin – Modul 34
09 Marcin Wasilewski – Big Foot
10 Herbie Hancock’s New Standard – New York Minute

elements_windows__single pane

Deconstructing Brian Eno’s Music for Airports

Here’s a site that deconstructs and reconstructs Brian Eno’s classic Music for Airports album; additionally you can play with the files yourself!

In 1978, Brian Eno released Ambient 1: Music for Airports, a landmark album in ambient and electronic music. Although it wasn’t the first ambient album by any means, it was the first album explicitly released as an ‘ambient music album’. The album was essentially a continuation of Eno’s experimentation with the tape machine as a compositional tool, as well as his exploration of generative music, music created by systems. In this article I’ll discuss how Music for Airports was created, I’ll break down and recreate the tracks 2/1 and 1/2, and hopefully give you some ideas about how to adopt this approach yourself.

Eno’s experiments with tape loops go as far back as 1973’s (No Pussyfooting), a collaboration with King Crimson’s Robert Fripp that employed an early experiment in sound-on-sound tape looping. For the recordings, Fripps’s guitar was run into two tape machines feeding into each other. The musical material runs back and forth between the machines, creating longs delays akin to modern loop pedals. The length of the delay was set by the physical distance between the two machines.

More . . .

About Time, by Le Berger

Samuel Landry has been working to distinguish his craft under the guise of Le Berger for quite a few years, mostly self-releasing digital-only records, mostly flying below the radar. But last year, the world at large saw what Landry was capable of on his solo debut physical release, Music For Guitar & Patience on Home Normal, which was his most ambitious and fully realized release to date. 

About Time is the follow up to Music For Guitar & Patience, another digital-only self-released record, and it sees Landry moving towards an even grander sound. It’s a double record in the truest sense, two songs that are roughly 40 minutes long, with two bite-sized bonus songs, and its drone as majestic and intimate as anything you’ve heard. Centered around the concept of time being beyond the grasp of our minds, these songs are teeming with the utmost refinement, smooth slow burning meditations on the truths and absolutes of the unknown, eschewing the shock and awe wall of noise treatment for ethereal minimalism that breathes life into the ubiquitous and otherwise inert Cosmic Dust, Landry achieves an unequalled perfection with poise and intentionality. 

– Justin Snow 

N.B. All funds gathered from the digital sales of this album will be invested in my brewery project. If you wish to learn more about said project or fund it directly please go to www.indiegogo.com/projects/les-gueux/x/13483044#/

Released April 11, 2016 

Not words & somewhat music by Le Berger 
Cover artwork by René Margraff