The Wind Under Water, by Christopher Sisk

I tripped across an old friend, whilst perusing Bandcamp.
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The first album in my 2-part Wind and Water series.

The Wind Under Water is a study in complex generative chord structures. Combining small moving chord patterns into more and more complex variations.

Released February 2, 2014

Written, recorded & produced by Christopher Sisk
© 2014 – Christopher Sisk

Kvad, by Erik Levander

A captivating listen: soft/minimal tech, choral singing, found-sounds folded into glitchy, quiet-noise-driven backdrops create an enveloping & thick silk curtain of sound!
Thanks to Alex over @ Supple 9 for allowing us a preview!
~ Ambient Landscape

This album began its life way back in 2001 when a young Erik Levander passed by the Lunds Domkyrka cathedral in Sweden, and decided to step inside to enjoy the architecture and peacefulness. Under the dome a choir was rehearsing, and Erik captured a recording with his minidisc.

Years later when browsing through his archives of field recordings, Erik rediscovered this recording and was immediately enchanted – both by the reverberated atmospheres of the cathedral, and the sparse harmonies of the song. Erik started experimenting with the recording: re-arranging it and re-processing it using both software and guitar pedals, and then layering multiple new elements on top.

The results were quite stunning: a beautifully textured, organic, and pulsating composition, which swells, dips, grows, and then collapses in on itself; it draws the listener close; it whispers and roars.
Whilst Erik is unsure of the composition’s origin, he believes the choir may have been singing “Här tystnar träden”, after which he named this track. It serves as the foundation stone of this album, and it set Erik on a path to creating his most affecting release to date.

There are familiar tonal qualities we recognise from his previous work – cassette loops, lo-fi noise, waves of distortion – but there is a maturity and depth to these compositions which pushes them into new and beautiful territories. Furthermore, his decision to use additional choral elements throughout the album strengthens the whole and lends it a cinematic quality. When we heard the demo, we were captivated, and we are delighted to present you with “Kvad”, an album which deserves your full attention.

Currently based in Berlin, Germany, this will be Erik’s 9th solo release with his previous albums garnering consistently strong reviews and high praise from sources such as The Wire, Echoes and Dust, Vital Weekly, and many more. 


Rreleased March 3, 2023

empty spaces 2

empty spaces II | ambient/experimental/minimal | 80:45

An ethereal follow-through to 2006’s part one . . . linear & tangential sound derivatives set against a mathematically & minimally invasive audiological backdrop (an ambient “green-screen“, if you will).

Listener indulgence advised as you traverse the empty spaces afforded by this intentional aural arrangement.

Listen/Stream on Hear.This

01 Fabio Perletta – DALP 12 -Untitled (excerpt)
02 Jakob Ullmann – Disappearing Musics (morphed edit)
03 Abstract Audio Systems – Titan Sunrise
04 Asmus Tietchens – Fahl/L10RB
05 Asuna, Tomoyoshi Date & Federico Durand – Down Through the Tunnel to the River
06 Fictions and Poetics – Light Years
07 Jesús Acevedo – The Great Journey
08 Jeff Greinke – Below
09 Carlo Giustini – A2. Manifestazioni
10 Steve Roach – First Arrival
11 Aperus – Marsh Lake, October (sampling Ensemble Ektòs #15)
12 Arovane & Taylor Deupree – Stenn Dispel
13 Benjamin Dauer & Specta Ciera – Over the Coastline
14 Svarte Greiner – Bleeding Lights
15 Daniel McCagh – Epoch I


The tinkering, tweaking & tone-bending continue as Dirk Serries & Company @ A New Wave of Jazz tear into the future sounds of improvisational free jazz . . .

In the first of new line of releases on A NEW WAVE OF JAZZ. Axis is this additional series of works that we consider to be different, unique and somehow significant to stand alone.  The series enjoys the beautiful photography of Martina Verhoeven structured within the effective design by Rutger Zuydvelt.

After KODIAN TRIO’s tour in Germany in March 2022, the trio headed into the Sunny Side Inc. studio in Anderlecht (Belgium), with special guests MARTINA VERHOEVEN on grand piano and CHARLOTTE KEEFFE on flugelhorn and trumpet. These two unique musicians have excellent reputations in the field of free improvisation, especially for their distinctive approaches to their respective instruments. And it’s this distinctive approach which is the secret sauce that’s being added to working band KODIAN TRIO.

Here are COLIN WEBSTERDIRK SERRIES and ANDREW LISLE working at the limits of their comfort zone as KODIAN TRIO with these two strong musicians who bring another character, dimension and style into play.

This beautifully recorded studio album, captured and mixed by the head engineer at Sunny Side Inc. is unique free jazz release that triggers your listening experience, disrupts the obvious, and boosts the adrenaline.

Performed, recorded, mixed and mastered at the Sunny Side Inc. Studio, Anderlecht (Belgium) on March 26th, 2022.

Released January 31, 2023

Charlotte Keeffe: trumpet, flugelhorn
Andrew Lisle: drums
Dirk Serries: electric guitar
Martina Verhoeven: piano
Colin Webster: alto saxophone
Photography by Martina Verhoeven
Layout : Rutger Zuydervelt
Executive label director : Dirk Serries

Original Soundtrack, by ASC

After two albums on A Strangely Isolated Place as Comit, James Clements brings his ASC alias to the label with a completely new and revealing style, focusing on the piano and creating space for the listener to construct their own associations with an imaginary Soundtrack.

Bridging the majority of Electronic styles over the past twenty years, from Autonomic and Jungle, to Ambient, Techno and IDM, James Clements can be held up as a master of these styles by many of us, but when it comes to boiling down his musical intricacies to focus on a single instrument, you’d be hard stretched to find something within his vast catalog until now. In ‘Original Soundtrack’ the piano is now the focus across eight introspective acts, with the spaces and places left open for further interpretation.

Mastered by Rafael Anton Irisarri and featuring photography by Greg Nunn, Original Soundtrack will be available as a limited Digipak CD and digital download.

Released July 15, 2022

Written and produced by James Clements
Mastered by Rafael Anton Irisarri at Black Knoll Studio, New York
Photography by Greg Nunn

Feed to the Ground, by Youga

Just came across this delicious blend of grainy, granular, experimental ambience from Youga — nicely done!

The seasons have changed almost completely, and the influence of seasonal patterns has a major impact on the agricultural system. The cultivation of food crops such as rice, pulses, or vegetables is still very dependent on the season. Dry spells that are too long or rain that falls continuously throughout the year can certainly result in crop failure, which in turn affects human activity patterns. In the continuous relationality of these events, sound emerges as a medium through which unexpected things happen, a force located in-between human and nonhuman agents.

Released February 14, 2023

Music by Youga
Piano by Adrian Ade
Mastered by Wahyu Kiky yudha Prasetya
Artwork by Yoga Nugraha
Design by Deden

In a Few Places Along the River, by Abul Mogard

I would like to thank everyone who supported my work through the years.

Special thanks to Marja for her support, art and ideas in this path,
Kyle Martin for his invaluable advice,
William Oldroyd and Garry Hensey for providing sources of inspiration
and Clarice for her gentle appearance in the cover photo.

Some reverbs in this album are made with the Inchindown Oil Tank impulse response recorded by Matt Gray (

Released February 1, 2022

Mogard using synthesisers and effects.
Recorded between 2019 and 2022.
Cover Art by Marja de Sanctis (
Mastered by Rafael Anton Irisarri at Black Knoll Studio.