Ovo​/​Orpo, by Hilyard

Very nice! We’ll have a mix (May time-frame) featuring a bit of this.

A mournful celebration of the cycle of life and death and the memories left by those we’ve lost. From ovum to orphan…

Released December 11, 2019
Artwork by Hilyard
Mastered by Hilyard

mute space II

Well . . . . . we certainly have a LOT of time on our hands to craft mixes . . .

mute_space II | 74:54

Within the deep recesses of ambient space, no one can hear you scream:

Molecular drone, sculpted darkwave & deep ambient meet the night crew’s mixing board with a follow up to 2017’s part 1.

Mixed while blindfolded . . . in the dark (but we weren’t scared).
;- )

UPDATE: So I’m noodling around on Twitter today, receive a generous offer from No Problema Tapes for a free download of my choice . . . so I chose From Distant Ways (see new track 6), which fit in perfectly with the aural theme!
(included in the new download link, above, but not on the Mixcloud link).


01 Steve Roden – Mobile Stabile
02 Miki Yui – Vibra
03 Arbee – Marre
04 Taylor Deupree – February
05 Deaf Center – Levende (edit)
06 .foundation & Keys for Eclipse – Ships of Stone (added 3.21.20)
07 Michael Peters & Fabio Anile – Microcosmo
08 Alessandro Adriani – Casting the Runes
09 Ocoeur – Dusk
10 Mike Rooke – The Day Before and After
11 Snufmumriko – Far Beyond These Windswept Fields
12 Brambles – Arête
13 Porya Hatami – Transition
14 Ekca Liena – Dark Liquid Ribbon (edit)
15 Off the Sky & Selffish – Haunted Sum

o b s t r e p e r o u s !

Obstreperous | A New Wave of Jazz | 66:19

FUBAR the quietude & screw the solace — this is the tidal bleeding edge of the New Wave of Jazz: Ether, Jazz, Discordant Din & organized Noise comprise this TONUS sampler — a month ahead of their collective April 15th release.

Muchas gracias to Señor Serries for the codes to these gems (received this morning, mix crafted after dinner) . . . which keep getting better & better as they hone improvisation to an art-form (multiple guitars, alto & baritone saxophones, piano, double bass, viola, drums & percussion, harmonica, melodica, bass clarinet . . .).

Of all the previously clustered releases, this batch represents my favorite. I immediately donned my wireless Jaybirds & began perusing the individual play-lists with which to cobble together this sampler — even adding several of the full albums to the many & varied playlists on my phone . . . for play-back via my car’s system.
All of that so say, these guys (& Martina, too) are getting better the more they play together!

So . . . whether it’s COVID-19 or Tax Season that’s disrupting your peace-of-mind . . . wrap your ears around this:

Starts soft, gets NOISY!!

;- )

(this mix will be available for download after the April 15th release of the albums)

01 JÜRG FREY – Paysage D’Echos (excerpt)
02 DANIEL THOMPSON – Improvisation Two
04 SETT – Second SETT (excerpt)
Set 2 Part Two

A New Wave of Jazz on Facebook

Correspond, by Devin Underwood + Marcus Fischer

Correspond is the first collaboration between U.S based musicians Devin Underwood and Marcus Fischer. Together they have created five beautiful pieces of delicate, free floating ambience. Followers of each artist individually will find that their styles seem to effortlessly combine as they experiment with their shared love for minimalism, field recordings, acoustic and electric instruments and natural reverb.

The tracks on Correspond are presented in the order in which they were completed, allowing the listener to trace the trajectory which the artists followed during the creative process.

Mastered by John McCaig at Panic Studios, Seattle
Photography + Sleeve by Marcus Fischer

Originally released on Distance Recordings in 2011

Review of “Correspond”: www.futuresequence.com/article/devin-underwood-marcus-fischer-correspond/


Remarkable Events, by Kloob

Here on ‘Remarkable Events’, Kloob has brought a darker, much more intense, rich feel to his music, quite different from some of his previous works. The tracks switch between dark and light and you can feel the influence of his recent Eastern travels, crackling in the air, in the field recordings, in the synth sweeps and patterns and in the sonic landscapes that the album creates and carries you along. Make no mistake, this is not an album filled with the chants of Hindu monks and the busy clatter of every day Indian life. It is an intensely spiritual album, which for its duration will take you along the same paths traversed by the artist himself.

Kloob wants to thank to Max Corbacho for his mastering work and Mark & Patricia from Winter-Light label for their great support and awesome involment in this album.

Released February 23, 2018
All music by Kloob.
Mastered by Max Corbacho.
Cover artwork and design by Midnight Sun Studio.

Fender and Andy Summers Collaborate on Monochrome Strat Set

Hollywood, CA (September 18, 2019) — A flawless union of supreme craftsmanship, rock ‘n’ roll and photography comes to life with the introduction of Leica and Fender Custom Shop’s limited-edition camera-Stratocaster guitar pairing. Created in collaboration with Andy Summers, an accomplished photographer, former member of the Grammy award-winning, Rock and Roll Hall of Fame-inducted band The Police and one of the greatest guitarists in the world, the LEICA M MONOCHROM “Signature” camera and Fender Custom Shop Andy Summers Monochrome Strat® represent a striking synergy of music and photography.

A true virtuoso of his craft, Summer’s latest album, Triboluminescence, showcases his versatile abilities to perform remarkably with an array of instruments including the guitar, bass, drums, banjo, keyboards and more. A true renaissance man, Summers can stay in-tune with both musical and photographic instruments, as well. A world-class Leica photographer, Summers has worked with photography for 36 years, even developing a number of books and exhibitions to showcase his work.

Mirroring Leica’s dedication to unparalleled craftsmanship, well-known manufacturer of stringed instruments and amplifiers, Fender, as well as the Custom Shop, have a long tradition of building signature guitars as a tribute to some of the world’s greatest musicians.

“Art and creativity take many forms and Andy Summers has wed two of his passions throughout his career – music and photography, said Justin Norvell, EVP Fender Products. “Touring the world as a musician enabled a wealth of experiences and moments to occur that he captured beautifully, and now for Fender and Leica to team up with Andy and fuse the both visual and the sonic realms together has been inspiring to say the least. A lot of work went into this collection, and it’s unlike anything we’ve done before.”

A work of art—in partnership with Leica Camera—the Andy Summers Monochrome Strat is a celebration of the arts that inspire him. Crafted by Fender Custom Shop Masterbuilder Dennis Galuszka, this Strat is custom-wrapped with a collage of monochrome photos taken by Summers with his Leica M cameras. Combining the two worlds of photography and music, this collaborative effort showcases his photos, as well as the masterful craftsmanship and style that can only be found in the Fender Custom Shop. The two-piece select alder body wears a NOS urethane finish while the strong, stable one-piece riftsawn maple neck has a comfortable “’63 C”- shaped profile. The 7.25”-radius fingerboard features 21 medium-vintage frets, along with a red camera dot inlay at the 15th fret. The trio of hand-wound Custom Shop ‘60s Strat pickups have authentic Fender tone, are connected via Vintage Modified #2 wiring and controlled with cool, Leica-style volume and tone knobs. Other features include Summer’s signature engraved on the neck plate, a custom Clear pickguard and back plate, an American Vintage synchronized tremolo, bone nut and wing string tree. It also includes a deluxe hardshell case, custom strap and Certificate of Authenticity.

To honor Summer’s work, and as a complement to the guitar, Leica created the LEICA M MONOCHROM “Signature.” The limited-edition camera features intricate design elements from the Andy Summers Monochrome Strat, such as a leatherette that matches a collage from Summer’s legendary photo collection that also appears on the guitar and a thin red line engraving running along the side of the entire body. On the other hand, the guitar includes features of the camera, including the silver operation elements. The finished products are a true reflection of the epitome of thoughtful design expertise.

“I couldn’t be more thrilled to have the opportunity to work with two leading producers of two fundamental instruments I hold close to my heart, Leica Camera and Fender Custom Shop,” Summers said. “After all these years of being obsessed with photography and the guitar, I now have the two things together for the first time. I’ve always thought of my photographic experience as tearing pages from a book and then reshuffling the results into a new visual syntax, and the collage-forward design of the LEICA M MONOCHROM “Signature” is the physical embodiment of just that.”

“This Stratocaster guitar is also very inspiring,” he added. “The really incredible thing the Fender Custom Shop had to pull off was getting my photo collage on the guitar body. I still don’t know how they did it! A lot of photographs on here are personal ones, and there are a couple of pictures of Sting and Stewart to keep it in the family. In a way, it’s autobiographical, because these pictures span many years.”

The photo collage that appears on both the camera and Andy Summers Monochrome Strat highlights stunning photographs from Summers’s collection including a man walking his horse into the ocean captured from a small boat in Montserrat, a striking photo of hooded individuals captured amongst rain and mist on Yellow Mountain in China, as well as an image of celebratory balloons that landed before Summer’s encore at a concert. “As a hard-core, life-long Police fan it was so fun to see all of these great photos,” said Fender Custom Shop Master Builder Dennis Galuszka. “Then the reality hit me, and I thought ‘how on Earth am I going to cover a Stratocaster with belly and arm cuts with all of these photos, but it worked out!”

Coupled with a glossy paint finish, silver chrome operational elements and a gorgeous red line engraving of Summer’s signature, the camera is truly a sight to behold. The set is complete with a Leica Summicron-M f/2 35mm ASPH. lens adorned with a vintage round lens hood, a Fender guitar-inspired camera strap and an OBERWETH leather black system bag.

The LEICA M MONOCHROM “Signature,” limited to 50 worldwide, is on sale now at Leica Stores and Boutiques (check http://www.leicacamerausa.com for pricing). The Fender Custom Shop Andy Summers Monochrome Strat® is priced at $12,500 and is available at Authorized Showcase Dealers. The camera and guitar are sold separately.

d R o p

A Techno, Drum & Bass mix for March . . . revolving around the stellar output of Mick Harris (Scorn, FRET, etc.) & featuring a track from the recent (Nov. 2019) Scorn album, Cafe Mor.

I’ve always had a fond corner in my heart for Gyral (especially Stairway). So when it was announced, several months ago, that Mick “Mongoose” Harris, was at it again in the Lad’s Old Room, I eagerly began to anticipate the new album on OHM Resistance.

This is a slow-to-fast Techno-based project, featuring morphed/crafted tracks that don’t immediately launch into driving, sonic beats, but meander through . . . until the anticipated dance floor volume demands appropriately driven acoustical performance, style . . . and rhythm.

Anything Techno that comes within a mile of our studio is usually mixed with either an aerobic or upper body workout in mind. Noise . . . beats (& then more beats) make the grueling minutes tick by faster as my mind gets lost in the composition and those hundred push-ups, sit-ups & leg raises seem to melt away into the continuum of time (Jocko time, anyone?).

A right proper mix, with some proper bass . . . & a hat-tip to Stroboscopic Artefacts (tracks 6, 8~12).

“It is impossible to achieve the aim without suffering…”
~Robert Fripp, Exposure


01. Richard Chartier – A Hesitant Fold (echo excerpt, mashed w/Asmus Tietechens/Dirk Serries, ‘Air Melodica‘)
02. Scorn – H u s h
03. Mick Harris – Mugwump Tea Room
04. Scorn – Time Went S-l-o-w
05. Boreal Massif – Fast Fashion
06. Denise Rabe – Clouds
07. FRET – No Rain
08. Dadub Force – Continuum Abuse
09. Adriana Lopez – Awa
10. Xhin – Blinding Truth
11. Sendai – Inverse Array
12. Alessandro Adriani – Symmetry
13. Photek – Knitevision
14. Konflict – Outpost
15. FRET – The Waiting Room
16. Gore Tech – Net Terminal Gene

Featured this month @ the Guggenheim

Boreal Massif – We All Have An Impact

Following the success of the Pessimist & Karim Maas LP, the no-fuss Pessimist Productions imprint reveals its third release. Boreal Massif is the collaborative effort of Pessimist and Loop Faction, and here they present their debut full-length LP, We All Have An Impact.

Focusing on the destruction of the natural world and our ecosystems, We All Have An Impact… shows there can be more to electronic music than a shallow and empty narrative. Built from field recordings and a deep reservoir of trip-hop / drum & bass influences (think B12’s Electro-Soma, vintage Mo Wax records…), Boreal Massif’s raw, unpolished anarcho-electronics offer a blueprint for the next generation of new age music.

Released October 11, 2019
All tracks Written & Produced by Kristian Jabs & Reuben Kramer
Distributed by Low Company
Mastered by Grinzer @ Manmade Mastering

Circus in Town . . !

Lots of fun today: in the Twitter-verse, in the blog-o-sphere & in general.

A Clown Car pulled into town. All of the clowns had their tits in a wringer; i.e. they were pissed off (which I told ’em was better’n bein’ pissed on)! They visited for a little while; shouting, squealing, ranting, raving, pissing their britches & making a general fuss & commotion ’bout a simple question I had posed.

But none of ’em knew the answer.
So they elevated their argumentation to the old stand-by: ad hominem attacks.

Their faces got red
They misspelled words
Their grammar (not their Grandma!) sucked
They thrashed & wailed.
They circle-jerked one another & nodded in unison like so many bobble-head dolls.
And they elevated my stats & metrics off the freakin’ chart!!
(through the roof, baby!)

And thus . . . I’m grateful.

Thanks, boys . . . let’s do it again real soon!