The Bleeding Twilight

A gray, brooding bit of ambient, drone & glitch – perfect for your favorite pair of headphones/ear-buds…


01 Robert Fripp & Brian Eno – Lyra
02 David Kristian – Dog Dreams of Running
03 The Circular Ruins – Degrees Of Separation
04 Henry Frayne – Saturn’s Rings
05 Brian Eno – A Long Way Down
06 Saul Stokes – Cloud Shaping
07 King Crimson – The Sheltering Sky
08 Krill Minima – Zwischen zwei und einer Sekunde
09 Steve Tibbetts – Black Temple
10 Off the Sky — Her Soft Circumference
11 Christopher Alvarado – Entrance to Mahãyãna
12 Ponton – Brod


bleeding twilight

Volume Objects by AUTISTICI

A relatively ancient (2008), exquisite collection of glitch & found sounds…made tactile for the eager listener of such things…

In the desire to make recorded sound as tactile as possible Autistici (UK), recently featured on 12k’s Blueprints compilation (12k1039), has sculpted found objects, broken acoustic instruments, synthesizers and environmental recordings into Volume Objects. Expertly realized and designed, Volume Objects is loose and organic and demands careful listening. Melody and form are hinted at and then in a whisper, a crackle, are gone. A sense of narrative and place created as if a hundred tiny objects are scattered in front of you, a fractured story that you thought you once remembered.

The packaging for this release includes an 8-page booklet of black & white photography by Taylor Deupree inspired by the music and titles of the audio pieces. All printed materials in this package have been printed on 100% recycled paper.

Autistici creates audio narratives aimed at exploring the interchange between sound and space. Space in this context also includes the space within the listener’s head. In this realm reflection and fantasy recontextualise the sound according to the listener’s inner world. Autistici’s work incorporates a wide range of sources including textural sound design, orchestration, space and fragments of found sound or field recordings. Tracks focus on representing details from both the natural and manmade world. Each detail has the potential to be preserved or lost, clarified or confused. This means that any audio element, including elements from his own body become incorporated into the composition. This fascination on the interplay between inner and outer world embodies Autistici’s sound. There is an intimate, intense and enmeshed sense of connection with tiny details (e.g., dust on vinyl, a door opening, heart beats, breathing, snoring). Autistici has released tracks on 12k, Audiobulb Records, Hippocamp, Kikapu and Wandering Ear.


Released January 15, 2008


Straying from the Ambient genera is something I do, now & again. Here’s a tribute to the “Oh Brother, Where Art Thou?” soundtrack (the way I’d have done it had I been in charge!!) Tag it under #Folk | #Rock | #Americana |#Bluegrass |#Christian_Folk

01 Alison Krauss – Down to the River to Pray
02 Linda Ronstadt – Old Paint
03 Chris Thomas King – Killin’ Floor Blues
04 James Carter & the Prisoners – Po’ Lazurus
05 The Rolling Stones -You Gotta Move
06 Fairfield Four – Lonesome Valley
07 Emmy Lou Harris, Alison Krauss, Gillian Welch – Didn’t Leave Nobody But the Baby
08 Sandra McCraken – Upon A Life I Did Not Live
09 The Stanley Brothers – Angel Band
10 The Cox Family – I Am Weary, Let Me Rest
11 The Beatles – Rocky Raccoon
12 Alison Krauss & Gillian Welch– I’ll Fly Away
13 Norman Blake – You Are My Sunshine
14 The Soggy Bottom Boys – In the Jailhouse Now
15 The Whites – Keep On the Sunny Side
16 The Allman Brothers Band – Pony Boy
17 The Soggy Bottom Boys – Man of Constant Sorrow
18 Sarah, Hanna & Leah Peasall – In the Highways
19 Johnny Cash – When The Man Comes Around
20 The White Stripes – Ball & Biscuit
21 The Rolling Stones – Dead Flowers
22 Third Day – Slow Down



Toxic City Music

NYC based artist Evan Caminiti breathes life into the Dust Editions imprint with the release of Toxic City Music. Caminiti has explored electro-acoustic music since the mid 2000’s, the latest transmission being 2015’s Meridian. While that album was Caminiti’s first to omit electric guitar, he has now returned to the instrument. Here it is buried it in an electronic mist and melted down, it’s sonic fabric reshaped.

Toxic City Music was inspired by the psychic and physical toxicity of life in late capitalism. Conceived throughout 2015 and 2016, Caminiti captured the sounds of NYC’s machinery and voices before weaving them into his studio experiments. This collection of song mutations unravels in hazy plumes and serrated edges; concrète sounds mesh with disembodied strings and corrosive electronics on “Joaquin”, drones ripple under stuttering rhythms and crude synth detritus throughout “NYC Ego”. On “Toxic Tape (Love Canal)”, layers of digital degradation smear guitar clusters, dissolving into a dubby devotional-ambient space.

Recorded and produced by Evan Caminiti. Featuring Jefre Cantu-Ledesma on “Joaquin”. Additional production and mixdowns by Rafael Anton Irisarri at Black Knoll Studios.

Mastered and cut by Rashad Becker at Dubplates and Mastering.

Artwork by Evan Caminiti.


Released March 3, 2017

The Story Surrounds Us, by Kate Carr

Kate Carr melds the exquisite details of her field recordings with an ephemeral approach to the song. this australian has relocated herself to london after many trips around the globe. with each orbiting journey, she has collected innumerable sounds from the urbane to the aqueous and from the frenetic to the sublime, contextualizing all of these into compositions rippling with primordial melodies through guitar, piano, and electronics.

The Story Surrounds Us follows her highly acclaimed albums i had myself a nuclear spring (first released on her own flaming pines imprint in 2015) and carr’s debut for helen scarsdale in 2016, it was a time of laboured metaphors. emblematic of her work is a gentle dislocation between the environmental sounds and her drone-dub ellipses of somnambulant melody. the clatter of a frozen dock or a vibrational shimmer from rustled objects or the unintelligible whispers displaces the sense of self amidst a sea of disparate symbols and coded thought. more a travelogue in and out of one’s own body than to any particular place.

Carr suggests

“In a way, it is about restlessness, an uncomfortable tossing and turning in all these many different places, a struggle somehow to forge a connection between my own internal world and all these places and persons i have encountered. i think this holds a sense of unease and strain, with both beautiful and failed moments of intimacy and connection which are made either possible or impossible in the difficult and distorted context of being away. it is quite sad, really.”

Look to Carla dal Forno, Alan Lamb and those moments of clarity in the shapeshifting ethos from jewelled antler for neighboring sounds to Kate Carr’s chimerical compositions.


released May 26, 2017

This album involved a lot of travel from ólafsfjörður, iceland to sian ka’an in mexico, to falun in sweden and velez blanco in spain. special thanks to listhus artspace, biospheres soundscapes, joya arte + ecologica for hosting me in iceland, mexico and spain respectively, to lina sofia lundin for having me to sweden, andrea ancira garcia for letting me use her wonderful field recording taken in mexico in ‘1001’, to jim haynes for his support in releasing this, and to tanya serisier for her support in all things.

s i g n s [2]

Part 2 (of 2) of a Classical+Neo-Classical mix w/ a touch of Ambient & Glitch (with a little  Fripp & some Bowie/Eno included) – inspired by Daníel Bjarnason‘s ‘Recurrence’, performed by the Iceland Symphony Orchestra.



01 Michel Banabila – Dissolve_2017 (excerpt, sampling
_______________________Scene 01 by Steinbruchel)
02 Kaija Saariaho – Nocturne, for violin solo
03 Iceland Symphony Orchestra – Aequora
04 Izumi Kuremoto – Epilogue
05 John D. Reedy – The Great Long Distance
06 Andy Partridge & Harold Budd– Bruegel [#]
07 Daníel Bjarnason –  Dreaming
08 Gustav Holst – Saturn, the Bringer of Old Age
09 Iceland Symphony Orchestra – Emergence_ III. Emergence
10 Kronos Quartet – Black Angels, Largo movement I
11 Robert Fripp, Andrew Keeling & David Singleton – Black Light
12 Philip Glass – Some Are [Low Symphony]

s i g n s _ 2b

Nest, by Arovane & Darren McClure

Will definitely be grabbing several choice tracks from this album…


“Nest” is the second collaboration between Arovane and Darren McClure. This time their focus was on the sonic possibilities of granular synthesis, turning sound into music and music into sound.

The album was named after a photograph taken by Arovane, which perfectly described the creation of the music: layers of twisted audio, processed and bent into new shapes and soundscapes. Each track title is a different type of nest building, just as each track was created through different approaches to granular synthesis.


released July 1, 2017

Mastered by Porya Hatami.