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Part 2 of 4; including several side-projects from Ronin Rhythm Records & some ECM releases – sort of the melodic side of the Jazz path we’ve been cutting as of late. | 83:49

Part 2 | 83:49 (Part 1)

01 Andrew Cyrille, Ben Monder, Paul Motian & Pete Rende – Zythum
02 Björn Meyer – Garden of Silence
03 Heiner Goebbels – The Coast; [interpolating Kali – Riot (excerpt 2)]
04 Kali – Um
05 Nicolas Masson – The Deep
06 Thomas Strønen & Time is a Blind Guide – Friday
07 Arild Andersen, Vassilis Tsabropoulos & John Marshall – European Triangle
08 Pat Metheny with Dave Holland & Roy Haynes – Question & Answer
09 John Scofield, Chick Corea, Jack DeJohnette & Eddie Gomez – El Swing
10 Matthew Shipp – Cohesion
11 Hely – Trance
12 Nik Bärtsch’s Ronin – Modul 11
13 Medeski, Martin & Wood – Nocturnal Transmission
14 Kali – Of



Kami, by Foudre

KAMI 神 is the fourth opus of FOUDRE! – a telluric drone quartet composed of Frédéric D. Oberland (Oiseaux-Tempête, Le Réveil des Tropiques, The Rustle Of The Stars, FareWell Poetry), Romain Barbot (Saåad), Grégory Buffier (Saåad, Autrenoir) and Paul Régimbeau (Mondkopf, Autrenoir, Extreme Precautions) who meet punctually for sessions of ritual improvisation where they invoke noise and drone and the deities of chaos.

Improvised and recorded live at Le Rex de Toulouse supporting the 10th anniversary of French doom metal band Monarch!, KAMI神 extends the cosmogony and the sound of the band by taking excursions into the invisible and ambiguous side of nature. In this orgiastic and surprising mix of sonic textures and rhythms, you may hear strange phenomena, summoning of animistic spirits, shamanic calls, siren yellings and growls. 

Released November 23, 2018

Frédéric D. Oberland: electro-baglama, analog synths
Paul Régimbeau: analog synths, drum machine, vocals
Romain Barbot: modular system
Grégory Buffier: acoustic laptop, analog synths, electric guitar

Recorded live at Le Rex de Toulouse by Nash Caralp & Alex Massiot on the 14th of October 2017

Edited and mixed by FOUDRE! at Magnum Diva, Paris

Mastered by James Plotkin

Original chemigram artwork by Fanny Béguély
Live photographs by Anaïs Grü
Graphic design by Romain Barbot


Spartan Mettle Softens the Blow

The ‘e l e m e n t s‘ franchise welcomes this new arrival: 
an Avant-Garde/noise mashup of the album Sun of Goldfinger’ (released 03.01.19 on ECM) by:

It was on or about the 3rd to 4th listen of the album that the idea of slashing it into sections for recombination occurred to me. Then a random, drive-by remembrance of Pat Metheny’s Zero Tolerance for Silence seeped into my cranium along with some latter day Crimson, Song X, a sprinkling of TONUS . . . & the project was off,  running & eventually grew into a two-part set.

Working with excerpts from the 3, 20+ minute album compositions, I then treated each excerpt as a song unto itself & mixed them in with like-minded compositions. Din is often an arduous construct; and the wielding of the mixological axe requires patience, poise . . . & practice.

A few of the mixed tracks were treated (ghosted, slightly stretched/extended) for effect – but it’s predominantly a “straight-up” mix project. The title is pulled/morphed from the main compositions. Artwork flagrantly sourced, pondered upon & manipulated via iPad..

NOTE: Ambient Landscape, its affiliates & sponsors in no way accept responsibility as to claims of aural (or even mental) damage that may occur from the repeated playing of this mix!

Part 1 of 271:13




01. J. Peter Schwalm – Zirkeltrilogie
02. YODOK III – This Earth We Walk Upon (excerpt)
03. David Torn, Tim Berne & Ches Smith – Eye Meddle (mashup 1)
04. TONUS – Ear Duration, Set 3 (excerpt)
05. Andrew Cyrille, Wadada Leo Smith & Bill Frisell – TGD
06. Larry Grenadier – Woebegone
07. Tim Berne’s Snakeoil – Angles
08. Ches Smith, David Torn & Tim Berne – Soften the Blow (excerpt)
09. Benedict Taylor & Dirk Serries – Puncture Cycle X
10. Miles Davis – U ‘n’ I
11. Tim Berne, Ches Smith & David Torn – Spartan Before it Hit (excerpt)
12. Container – Peppered

Not for the Audiologically Squeamish!

A Chance Mix #9

I’ve been playing this one off & on for the past few weeks. The mixer is Richard Chartier (who was kind enough to Tweet me the track-listing):

This show was 10th in the global experimental chart and 37th in the global electronica chart.


Includes selections from my BEST OF 2015 list, which you can see here: https://boomkat.com/charts/2015/94
& here: http://climbmountanalog.com/year-end-lists/

plus some other favorites around and in between…

Stickmen, Dosey Doe, Houston, TX

We are now making recordings like this publicly and officially available (free Bandcamp download) for purposes of archiving, (our own) historical research, and for your enjoyment as a fan and collector. Each show is offered for appropriately chosen price and the proceeds from these downloads will get split evenly between Tony, Markus, Pat, and Robert, the four people who worked as a team to make this music come alive. Feel free to donate more if you can.

We appreciate your interest and your support. We have many audience recordings lined up for this series (unauthorized audience recordings, but also Robert Frazza’s board mixes, as well as many of his multi-track recordings, which still need to get mixed), and we will be adding more in good time.

Released October 10, 2018Tony Levin: Chapman Stick, Voice
Markus Reuter: Touch Guitars® AU8, Live Looping
Pat Mastelotto: Drums, Loops, Samples
Robert Frazza: F.O.H. engineer

Lost At Sea, I’m Never Coming Back; by Radere

Radere is the nom du plume of Carl Ritger, a Philadelphia-based sound artist who constructs dense drones and flickering ambiences from found sounds and heavily treated guitar loops. Lost At Sea, I’m Never Coming Back marks his first recorded work since A Season In Decline – his well-received sophomore effort for Full Spectrum Records – was released at the end of last year.

Inspired by a pair of field recordings captured during a trip to the shore, Lost At Sea… opens quietly, with softly billowing drones and wind-like currents moving through the mix. The piece gradually builds to a roaring crescendo before melting away to reveal a beautiful lattice of sparkling guitar loops and hauntingly delicate atmospherics. With Lost At Sea…, Ritger has managed to capture the illusion of being submerged beneath the sea: adrift, but at peace. basic_sounds is honoured to share this musical triumph.

Released February 28, 2011

All sounds performed, processed and mixed by Carl Ritger / Radere
Mastered by Andrew Weathers
Photography by Andrew Marino

z o n e _ 3

z o n e _ 3 | Ambient+Drone | 81:32

Part 3 of 3. Continuing (zone 1) the explorational fusing of neo-litheal & non bi-lateral ambient soundscapes (with a little ghosted wash tossed in for good measure).

[ZONE = Wasteland Repository]

Series running time: 2:44:25   


01 Masaya Kato – Coma

02 Jason Sloan – Faded & Forgotten

03 Marcus Fischer – Murmurations

04 Markus Guenter – Oceans Day

05 Jeff Greinke – The Conversation

06 Evan Bartholomew – Sacrosanct

07 Christopher Bissonnette – A Touch of Heartbreak

08 Jonathan Hughes – Circumflex

09 Steve Roach – Alluvial Plain

10 Vir Unis+Disturbed Earth – Velvet World

11 All – Sag Alles Ab

12 Wil Samson – You Are An Ocean (feat. Benoit Pioulard)

13 Dirk Serries – Alternation and Return

14 Jonas Kasper Jensen – From the One to the Other

15 Ambient Landscape & Thomas Park – Wasteland Repository/Scape J

16 7prs – Phial (edit number two)


z o n e __3