To All Frequencies I Can Not Sense for Quartet, by Marta Forsberg

“To All Frequencies I Can Not Sense for Quartet” is composed for electric guitar (Ellen Arkbro), electric bass (Emil Skogh), drums (Konrad Agnas), trumpet (Niklas Barnö) and electronics. It is a minimalist piece which deals with lingering spatiality – a meditation on the subtle frequencies which exist outside human perception, but nevertheless surround us, ever-present.

Together, the four musicians create a detailed timbral environment encompassing both complexity and simplicity, a contemplative evolution of a dynamic sound-world that is characterised by a shifting emphasis between tones, chords and noise.

Coming from the minimalist tradition of drone music, Marta Forsberg moves between composing for instrumental ensembles (Serenus Zeitblom Oktett, Berlin), creating sound and light installations (Konserthuset, Stockholm) and an ongoing solo practice (3HD festival – Berlin, Unconscious Archives festival – London). As the initiator of the feminist network Konstmusiksystrar, she also actively works for gender equality within the Contemporary Music scene.

Each digital copy of ”To All Frequencies I Can Not Sense for Quartet” includes a limited-edition large pattern print by Swedish artist and illustrator Elvira Varghans.

With support from Kulturrådet.

Released November 3, 2017

Composition and electronics: Marta Forsberg
Ensemble: Niklas Barnö – trumpet, Ellen Arkbro – electric guitar, Konrad Agnas – drums, Emil Skogh – electric bass
Mix: David Granström
Master: Saintpid Mastering
Album cover: Elvira Varghans
Photo: Selma Grönlund


elements_graphic | Ether-Jazz & Jazz-ish Noise | 67:48

Aurally graphic examples of ether-jazz, noise & dangerously cacophonous din (listener discretion advised!).
: ) (inside joke!)

This is predominantly TONUS (who are releasing the albums represented here on Tuesday, October 20th) in construction . . . with some alternative guitar sonance (Rypdal & Torn) included as . . . sonic bookends.

These are my favorite TONUS releases thus far – – the group is progressively moving through this “New Wave of Jazz” at breakneck speed & compositional improvisation . . .

. . . Well done!


01 Terje Rypdal – Dawn
02 Colin Webster & Andrew Lisle – Kuggar
03 Rubicon Quartet – Airs Out
04 Ward, Verhoeven, Serries & Roberts – Imaginary Junction, pt 2 (edit)
05 Russell, Keune & Vanderstraeten – On Sunday, pt 2 (edit)
06 Benedict Taylor & Dirk Serries – Puncture Cycle IV
07 Rubicon Quartet – Made Dream
08 Colin Webster & Andrew Lisle – Zennor
09 David Torn – Swayed

music for images, by ryan ferreira

the music on this album was recorded at home in brooklyn (october 2008 – april 2010) and during a residency at the helene wurlizter foundation (january – april 2011) in taos, new mexico. the image for the illustration / CD is from a photo i took during my time in taos.

Released July 1, 2012

recorded / mixed: rf
illustration: mar wei
cd design: maddy sturm
mastered by randy merrill at masterdisk

i n v i s i b l e . 2

i n v i s i b l e 2 | 85:11

Part II – leveraging long-form pieces by which to create another sonic space; this time elongated with infinite segues, edits, overdubs & echoes that challenge even the parameters of linear quantum physics.

Begun whilst tinkering with the Roach composition (layered & ghost edited), recording the live Serries piece last April & then discovering the riverrun back-catalog (wonderful!). I often utilize these types of mixes (as well as part 1), as backdrops on the stereo when working from home.


01 riverrun – Marina Way Garden
02 Dirk Serries – Serries Live; April 05, 2020 (excerpt)
03 Steve Roach – This Place To Be, (remixed excerpt)
04 Max Corbacho – Dreaming Spaces (excerpt)
05 Hammock – Without Form and Void
06 Scott Lawlor – Perfect Calm
07 riverrun – Bae Treaddur
08 .foundation & Keys for Eclipse – Disintegration Patterns

Beautiful, by Minamo

Originally released in 2003 on the Apestaartje label, “Beautiful” is aptly named. As the clicks-and-cuts scene started to humanize, Minamo were at the forefront combining acoustics into the DSP-driven techniques of the time. 12k is happy to make “Beautiful” available again along with a new track, “Hum,” that wasn’t available on the original release.

Released July 3, 2020

Official Crimson Bootleg Live (2012)

Released several years ago . . . but now a FREE download!

Music by King Crimson, except Red (Fripp)

Official bootleg recording compiled from stereo soundboard recordings on the summer tour 2012 supporting Dream Theater.

The band collectively thanks Dream Theater and their crew, Robert Frazza, John Sinks, and all their supporters and friends.

Released March 13, 2013

Preview(opens in a new tab)

Adrian Belew: Guitar & Vocals
Tony Levin: Stick, Bass Guitar & Backing Vocals
Pat Mastelotto: Acoustic & Electronic Drums and Percussion
Markus Reuter: Touch Guitars® U8
Tobias Ralph: Drums and Percussion
Julie Slick: Bass Guitar

Live mix and 2-track soundboard recording by Robert Frazza.
Compiled and mastered by Markus Reuter and Lee Fletcher for Unsung
Productions (

1. B’Boom
3. Dinosaur
4. Elephant Talk
5. Red
6. Frame by Frame
7. Thela Hun Ginjeet
8. Indiscipline

February 29th, by Marcus Fischer + Ted Laderas

February 29th

On February 29th, we recorded a live performance that marks a new direction for our ongoing collaboration. We challenged ourselves with new approaches to instrumentation and performance. Ted stripped away his effects, going with just cello played with extended technique. Marcus set aside the guitar and instead used vibraphone as both a percussive and bowed instrument, layering and processing the sounds. The result is a dynamic, spacious, sometimes chaotic performance that is departure from the past but also feels like home.

All proceeds of February 29th will go to benefit Rose Haven shelter, a shelter and community center in Portland serving women, children and gender non-conforming folks experiencing trauma, poverty, and physical and mental health challenges.

released May 1, 2020

from February 29th, released May 1, 2020
Recorded live at Beacon Sound in Portland, Oregon
February 29th, 2020

Ted Laderas: Cello + reverb
Marcus Fischer: Vibraphone + electronics

Thanks to everyone for their support.

l a n t e r n a

lanterna | Ambient/Jazz/Post-Rock/Experimental | 87:04

This was my first mix:
Begun in 1999 (via cassette), revised in 2004 (CD) then in 2014  for its 15 year anniversary – digitally eclipsing the CD edition to 94+ minutes, ‘lanterna‘ (named after & wrapped around the classic album by Henry Frayne) was my first real (segued) mix, has earned numerous trades/requests, feedback from Henry Frayne himself…& has now been updated with new opening & closing tracks…(including a short composition from Pink Floyd’s The Endless River).

…a personal, ether/guitar-driven, ambient/experimental favorite that has held together over the years.

Update/ June 2019 (20 year anniversary):
Track 1 was swapped out for ‘What Floats Beneath’, by Michele Rabbia & Gianluca Petrella & Eivind Aarset (from Lost River; ECM, May 2019) – The guitar work on this track fits in perfectly with the aural themes of this project. Now, at long last, this mix has been officially stamped “Complete” by our dedicated engineering staff.
: )
87:04 (headphones-earbuds required)


01 Michele Rabbia & Gianluca Petrella & Eivind Aarset – What Floats Beneath
02 Henry Frayne – Dawn
03 Brian Eno – Stars
04 Henry Frayne – Ethernet
05 Oystein Sevag/Lakey Patey – Wind Wave
06 Jeff Pearce – Unrequited
07 Tim Story – Sister of the Flood
08 Henry Frayne – Dark Spring
09 R.E. Young – Magister Ludi
10 Henry Frayne – End of the Tunnel
11 Andy Summers – The Somnambulist
12 Henry Frayne – Passage
13 Robert Fripp – 1985
14 Channel Light Vessel – Train Traveling North
15 Henry Frayne – Silent Hills
16 David Gilmour – Mihalis
17 Tangerine Dream – Dolls in the Shadow
18 Henry Frayne – Achieving Oneness
19 Virlyn – Fjord
20 Pink Floyd – The Lost Art of Conversation
(interpolating a few seconds of Pete Kelly’s ‘Peace’ at track’s end)

Original Cassette & CD covers