Vermaledeite Pein, by Emil Klotzsch

This album was improvised completely on my modular synth and my looper. All Instruments had been played live by me. No computer was used, except for the last editing.

Released September 11, 2016 | Music: Emil Klotzsch



Loss, by Marcus Fischer

Loss is the long-awaited and anticipated follow-up to Marcus Fischer’s acclaimed Monocoastal (12k1063, 2010). Fischer created Loss over several years, finding inspiration to complete it during his time at the Robert Rauschenberg Residency in Captiva, Florida, in early 2017. The album is a particularly emotional work as Fischer explored what loss means to him and how to cope with the permanence of absence. The result is decisively somber and perhaps one of the darkest, most emotional albums in the 12k catalog.

Fischer manifested the concepts of loss in his compositions through the use of generation loss from reel-to-reel tape, re-recording sounds through various speakers in physical spaces, layering, and the use of sounds that have been physically displaced from their source. Conceptually, he listened inside the degradation of sound, pulling out chance moments of beauty and hope amid the rubble.

While Loss has a bleak and lonely tone, the music is characteristic of Marcus Fischer with fragile tape loops on the edge of falling apart, distant haunting melodies and a physicality that grounds the album’s human spirit.

The Rest Is Silence, by Arash Akbari

Arash Akbari (born 1987) is a musician, new media artist and designer, living and working in Tehran, Iran. His music explores the styles of experimental, ambient, drone and noise. His works ranges from experimental audio/visual performances to interactive installations and web based projects. He’s interested in generative systems, human computer interaction, real-time graphics and intersection between physical and digital, and the ways in which technology shapes human life.

This marks Arash’s first album on Unknown Tone Records. We gladly welcome him to our roster. Keep listening…x


Released November 11, 2017

*Composed, performed and produced by Arash Akbari
*Mastered by Lawrence English at 158 – Brisbane
*Artwork/Photography by Mark Kuykendall

** As The Silence Grew – used on a mix…here.

s t a s i s

Minimalistic/ambient/experimental sound excursions, incorporating bits of glitch & drone, & constructing new audio data points within the range of a discrete set of known origins.
;- )

01 Glenn Bach – When Painting Trees
02 Wolfgang Menzel – Arches of String
……(interpolationg ‘A Requiem for Dead Strangers
……bby Tonepoet & Wings of an Angel)
03 Elektronengehirn – Soundmirror
04 Lowell Levine-Simms – Disengage
05 Jeff Greinke – Moving through Fog
06 Bob Ohrum – Subliminal Listening (excerpt)
07 eM – Reflective
08 Rosenau, Schoenecker & Wincek – Give Him Strong Drink (excerpt)
09 Chris Russell – Scilla
10 Ian Boddy & Markus Reuter – Mode 5
11 Vidna Obmana – Mystery Of Freewill
12 Steve Roach & Loren Norell – Ecopoiesis (excerpt)
13 åpne sinn – REMcycle
14 Chris Russell – Abyss (excerpt)



#Rework / #Electronica / #MachineMusic


I love a good mix idea. That being said, the execution has to work for me as well…a.k.a, the playback. This project was built upon the skeletal structure of ‘Blade Runner, an Alternate Soundtrack’ mix, by low light mixes.

This reworking of the original both extends & evolves the aural terrain as well as the listener’s journey. I chopped, spliced, deleted & reassembled so many times that I’m no longer sure of the actual play-list order.

Tracks added: Photek – Aura, Si Begg – Fallen Soldier, Arash Akbari – As The Silence Grew, Atticus Ross – The Journey, Martin Nonstatic – Dendrictic Ice & Dave Fulton – Dread Not.

This will not be posted via Mixcloud & is only available via Bandcamp for download.

Paper Streets, by Sven Laux

Sven Laux’s “Paper Streets” is a deeply intimate and vulnerable affair. Released on the Russian label Dronarivm, Sven paints minimal landscapes with watercolors in shades of violin, cello & piano; stripped bare & soaked in memory.

The artist’s works bares a sense of detachment & reflection that usually occurs with the passing of time. Forlorn irony shows itself as it reminds you what feels like to fall in love for the first time, while conjuring ghosts from the last time you shared a gaze.

A departure from the Sven’s earlier work, “Paper Streets” is an organic, neo-classical journey heard through a cinematic lens. Orchestral notes surge like tides and resonate like heartache. Nostalgia echoes and dissolves with a disarming vulnerability.

Sven Laux is part of a modest faction of producers that have been faithfully progressing the evolution of micro composition. Born in Neubrandenburg, Germany, Laux started writing electronic music in 1998 after discovering a talent for meticulously sampling and looping audio.

Now residing in Berlin, Sven Laux has done anything but conform. His unique take on music making has him sharing the company of artisans like Pheek, Ezekiel Honig and Marc Neyen  more

Released November 3, 2017

Yukon Youth, by TEN

Released October 31, 2016

Dominic Deane – Piano, Synths, Guitar, Field Recordings and Percussion
Alex Hannan – Violin
Sarah Tyler – Clarinet
Tim Hann – Electric Guitar

Recorded by Ross Halden at Ghost Town Studio, Leeds between
November 2014 and Febuary 2016. Mastered by Tim Hann

All songs written by Ten (Dominic Deane)

Pop Ambient 2018

Our POP AMBIENT compilation series returns for its 2018 instalment, with series curator Wolfgang Voigt presenting another batch of hand-picked recordings from genre veterans and newcomers alike. The more seasoned among this year’s contributors are easily identified by their individual artistic sensibilities, ranging from the morphing, organic rhythms of THE ORB’s sample collages (on SKY’S FALLING) to KAITO’s ethereal, trance-infused soundscapes (TRAVELLED BETWEEN SOULS) and MIKKEL METAL’s intimate ambient songwriting (SHAME).

They join the ranks of Pop Ambient scholars such as MAX WÜRDEN & THORE PFEIFFER (co-authoring the sparkling PANORAMA), Magazine’s JENS-UWE BEYER (creating rich drama out of cinematic textures on ATHOS) or Adjunct’s KENNETH JAMES GIBSON (who pairs soaring strings with bubbly percussion on DISINCLINED TO VACATE). Pfeiffer can also be found working with genre mainstay LEANDRO FRESCO on opener SPLINTER, crossing the growth rings of the Pop Ambient family tree with a subtle, atmospheric collaboration. Another welcome return to the roster, Jörg Burger dusts off his iconic TRIOLA project last heard on Pop Ambient 2013 (KOMPAKT 269 CD 103) with the floating, echo-drenched cut L’ATALANTE.

After making his Pop Ambient debut on last year’s instalment (KOMPAKT 365 CD 135), YUI ONODERA continues his exploration of deep, intricate string sounds on PRISM and NINE CHAINS TO THE MOON (CD only) – it’s compelling material that shows the Tokyo-based musician and architectural acoustic designer as a strong addition to the Pop Ambient talent pool. He’s joined by the two latest recruits to the series, both well- established artists in their own right: techno provocateur T.RAUMSCHMIERE flexes his drone muscles on the elegiac ETERNA, while pedal steel guitar maestro CHUCK JOHNSON creates expanding sonic spaces on the meditative BRAHMI – a uniquely immersive cut that draws from the idiosyncratic country post-rock he established on his acclaimed “Balsams” full-length released earlier this year.

ethereal skyline

ethereal skyline | ambient/drone | 71:57

With Thanksgiving upon us (USA). . .here’s an ethereal, meandering, tryptophan-laden mix for headphone use after you..[begrudgingly] push away from that last slice of pie @ the holiday table & locate a comfortable, pillow-enabled couch for your post meal nap…Zzzzzzzz
;- )

01 Loscil – Sous Marin
02 Bing Sattelites – Cloud Surfing (excerpt)
03 Emil Klotszch – Tiefe Berge, part 2
04 metlay! – On Little Cat Feet (excerpt)
05 Eyes Cast Down – Exquisite Divination of Patterns
06 Julio Di Benedetto – Still Quiet After
07 Brian Eno & Harold Budd – The Plateaux of Mirror
08 Leonardo Rosado – Upon Contact Reworked
09 Chris Russell – Phlox
10 Dead Beat – Open My Eyes that I May See
11 Mathieu Lamontagne – Pourquoi Faire
12 Bienfay – Mein Entschluss Anders zu Leben
……………………..(My decision to live differently)
13 Aphex Twin – Blur


ethereal skyline