Lua, by Wil Samson

Two weeks after relocating to Portugal from the UK in May 2016, a sudden and traumatic injury to his mouth and teeth provided Will Samson the excuse to put singing aside and focus on creating an almost entirely instrumental body of work.

As Samson describes the recording: “The whole process was about being open and allowing the music to flow out naturally, without letting my analytical mind become involved. To just press record on my tape machines and see what happens. This experiment allowed me to produce some honest documents of how I was really feeling at the time with all that was going on in my life. “Père” was recorded the day after returning home from hospital, with my friend Beatrijs De Klerck adding her violin parts a week or so later. I was still in a slightly dazed, sense of shock and recording this piece helped to settle me back down, after the surreal 48 hours in a Portuguese hospital bed.”

In contrast to his recent album, Ground Luminosity (which was meticulously crafted over a period of two years), Lua showcases Samson’s ability to improvise and create spontaneously, with equally engaging results, using his beloved tape machines (from a microcassette recorder to 1/4” reel-to-reel) to produce organic and textural soundscapes that are soaked with deep mood and emotion.

Lua features Benoit Pioulard (Kranky, Ghostly International) on “You Are An Ocean” and a cover by visual artist Gregory Euclide (known for his artwork for Bon Iver) that beautifully renders the sound of the album.

Released July 29, 2016


The Longest in Terms of Being, by Markus Reuter

Markus Reuter is the master of the ambient touch guitar. This instrument, in the hands of this virtuoso, produces a very distinct sound. When Markus adds manipulations and treatments, the sound goes over the top, into uncharted zones.

He recorded the tracks for The Longest in Terms of Being from July, 1999 through October, 1999 with one track from March, 2000. This set is a progression and a roller coaster of emotions. Markus has chosen to take listeners on a whirlwind tour of their own psyches. It promises to be an intense journey and to run the gamut of the dark side of the self. There are brief respites of contemplative melancholia but the overwhelming moods are dark, somber and ominous. At times, the disc even threatens to go sinister. This CD, released in 2001, is an excellent companion to Markus’ collaborations, group projects and other solo efforts.

Jim Brenholts

Released July 1, 2001
Written and performed in real-time by Markus Reuter
Composed By, Performer, Guitar – Markus Reuter
Cover – Michael Kuhne
Edited By [Digital Editing And Assembly] – Philipp Quaet-Faslem
Producer – Markus Reuter, Philipp Quaet-Faslem

45 Echoes Sounds, a Net.Label

45 ECHOES SOUNDS – логическое продолжение уже знакомого слушателям сетевого лэйбла 45RPM-Records. Однако 45 Echoes Sounds выдвигает более жесткие жанровые и качественные требования.
45 Echoes Sounds – независимый, некоммерческий лэйбл, цель которого – распространение качественной музыки AMBIENT. Все релизы нашего лэйбла распространяются бесплатно для некоммерческого использования. Вы можете свободно скачивать нашу музыку и делиться ею с друзьями, но, согласно лицензии Creative Commons License, вы не можете использовать скачиваемый с наших сайтов материал (весь и какой-либо фрагмент) в коммерческих целях без согласия авторов музыки, являющимися исключительными правообладателями.

(Rough Translation [Google]
Logical extension of the familiar listeners network label 45RPM-Records. However, 45 Echoes Sounds pushes tougher genre and quality requirements.
45 Echoes Sounds – an independent, non-profit record label, which aims – the dissemination of quality music AMBIENT. All releases of our label, distributed free of charge for non-commercial use. You can freely download our music and share it with friends, but, according to the license Creative Commons License, you can not use the downloaded material from our sites (all and any fragment) for commercial purposes without the consent of authors of music, are the exclusive owners.

Uhm . . .great . . .sounds . . . here:

45 Echoes Sounds

A Trio from Tonus

This is a great trio of albums – – we’ve listened & are working on a tribute mix, of sorts . . . please stayed tuned…

The Future of Music Today


Cagean Morphology
Intermediate Obscurities I + IV
Texture Point  | A New Wave of Jazz (CD/DL)

Belgium label A New Wave of Jazz has released a steady discography of albums, all sharing an in-house visual design that favors minimal aesthetics. This visual identity, incidentally, is the work of Rutger Zuydervelt, the experimental sound artist who records as Machinefabriek. This dedication to minimalism extends to the sounds on these releases, each exploring a less is more approach to improvised jazz.

Label director Dirk Serries is present on all recordings, and this month sees the release of a trio of Tonus albums. Tonus is described as “the next chapter in his ongoing investigation into the relation between sound and time”, which is certainly evident on these three new works. Space, slowness and an exercise in restraint are common threads in each. Tonus is a collaborative project which involves Serries…

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g r A y

Another year older, another gray hair (maybe several!) – hopefully we’re all getting better with age.

This is a fusion of genres from days gone by . . . ambient, experimental, dub & minimal techno – with a closer borrowed from an R&B friend of mine.

01 toru takemitsu – piano distance
02 brian eno – matta
03 rhomb – 360 degrees
04 saul stokes – hurried space
05 farben – the video age
06 seefeel – charlotte’s mouth
07 EU – Christmas
08 jan garbarek – visible world
09 jack dejohnette, herbie hancock & pat metheny  – parallel realities
10 viridian sun – pelior is v
11 lunatic calm – neon ray
12 saul stokes – conundrum
13 suba – a noite sem fin (the endless night)


g r A y _2018

Kompakt Announces Pop Ambient 2019

Kompakt‘s next Pop Ambient compilation comes out on November 30th, 2018. The label’s calling it a “change of pace” compared to previous entries in the series, in that it focuses more on acoustic and avant-garde ambient styles.

“The 100-percent kick drum-free Pop Ambient series is the most endearing and enduring concept that I have had the pleasure to curate,” says Kompakt boss Wolfgang Voigt. “For this special edition, I create a homogenous experience that would both appeal to our followers and continue our tradition while integrating new micro-facets from neighboring musical universes as much as possible.”

The tracklist is full of previous contributors to the series, including Yui Onodera, Leandro Fresco, Thomas Fehlmann and The Black Frame (AKA Jörg Burger, who records under monikers like The Bionaut and The Modernist).


A1 Thore Pfeiffer – Alles Wird
A2 Coupler – A Plain Of
A3 The Black Frame – The Uncertainty Principle
B1 Kenneth James Gibson – Gone Too Soon
B2 Morgen Wurde – Schien Immer feat. Maria Estrella
C1 Gregor Schwellenbach – Rot 2
C2 Last Train To Brooklyn – Bluebird
C3 Max Würden feat. Luis Reichard – Zweitens
C4 Thomas Fehlmann – Karenina
D1 Leandro Fresco – Araña De Vidrio
D2 Yui Onodera – Cromo 3
D3 Triola – Adren
D4 Max Würden – Core

Kompakt will release Pop Ambient 2019 on November 30th, 2018.

Pop Ambient 2019


Resolution, by Nunc Stans

More deep ambient journeys from Nunc Stans.

Detailed, immersive, and expansive organic soundscapes that will encompass and entrance. Stand here awhile, one step beyond, and experience it unfold before your eyes (to the very end).

  • Composed in the Spring of 2018.
  • Performed, mastered & designed by Anthony Paul Kerby.
  • Album artwork and treatments by APK.

Ishmael Ensemble’s Live Set Is An Inspiration

File under #EtherJazz

Watch this new clip of the Bristol project in action…

Ishmael Ensemble are sometimes few, sometimes many, but always operate with the same questing spirit for innovation.

Essentially rooted in jazz, the project’s outlook blends club culture, left field electronics, and much more into an unholy blend.

Recently returning with an essential new seven inch – named Single Of The Week in London vinyl haunt Sounds Of The Universe – Ishmael Ensemble are currently working on a trilogy of releases, all inspired by Bristol and its surroundings.

The second release is incoming – order the first installment HERE – but we’ve been handed a new live clip.

Opening with ‘The Chapel’ and it’s swirling blizzard of electronics, that incessant horn line gradually finds a way to the front, the analogue and humane asserting itself against the digital swarm.

‘Full Circle’ is a sheer ensemble piece, each instrument interweaving around the next to produce something far larger than the sum of its parts.

Ishmael Ensemble remain an inspiration – we can’t wait to see where they go next.


This mix was made a few years ago & then shelved. Comprised of Ambient + Drone pieces, I had actually forgotten about it and, when I recently opened a folder of partially finished projects, found it.

The goal here was to truly hit a resonant spot within in the Eno “Interesting yet ignorable” ambient spectrum.

Each track, except the closer by Horsetail, was imported into Audacity for some post-production editing: stretching, echo addition, reverberation, added bass, etc.
Seven compositions stretched to a tad under 79 minutes – I’ve been listening to it on & off for a month or so & like it – & hope you will, too!

01 Oophoi – Quantum Light
02 Steve Brand – Light, Mother of Shadows
03 Robert Davies – Delicate Disintegration
04 Jeff Greinke – The Corner
05 Viridian Sun – (Even More) Light Years from Here
06 Mystified – Octavepus
07 Horsetail – Hollow Sea