Moving our Podcast location


As #Mixcloud has just announced it will limit Tier 1 accounts to 10 published shows as of December 2022 (no new uploads allowed unless previous podcasts are deleted – to a maximum total of 10), we will be making shows available via #HearThis. This is a promotion of Mixcloud’s “Pro” business model ($180/year, U.S.) — which I’m sure works for radio stations and professional D.J.’s . . but not for those of us uploading for the sheer love of the mix.

You may stream or download the podcasts on Hear.This for a total charge of
. . . ZERO!

Our three November shows will be the last new releases on Mixcloud.
Beginning in December, we’ll post on ello, HearThis & Twitter (as well as right here).

Happy listening!

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nouveau chapitre [EP], by Hipster Pug

This is the first EP I made for monochrome motif records.

I started with this project without knowing a good name for it. But when I already had a couple of songs, I thought about this title “Nouveau Chapitre”.

Not only did I choose this because I absolutely love the French language, but it was also what this album was for me.

A new chapter after a year that was not really good. I lost my feeling for making music and did not enjoy it as much as when I started.

Working on this EP has brought the spark back and I finally felt like I could do it again and make a new album/EP. It was time for a new chapter, take the next step to follow your dreams and achieve your goals.

While working on this album I had the feeling I wanted people to feel like everything will be alright, even when it feels you’re stuck or don’t reach your goals, don’t worry and start that new chapter. It might be scary, but you can do it

With that in mind I made this 5 song EP, and I can only hope that you enjoy it.


Hipster Pug

Released November 4, 2022

all tracks written, performed &
produced by hipster pug

except track one lyrics & vocal by
pascal normand

pattern interrupt

pattern interrupt | Experimental/Ambient/Minimal/Noise | 80:18

Experiments in aural pattern-shifting; by way of sonic syllogism, parsed prologism . . .

. . . and a deft segue or 2 (track 1 is a mashed up intro)
(* some titles have been changed to protect the environment)

Equaless. Enumbrious. Enchivenato.

This will be our final posting to Mixcloud as we migrate to Hear.This
(the rules have changed & so must we).

Listen via Mixcloud or Hear.This

01 Intro:
…… a. Remixing the World – Early Warning
…… b. Richard Chartier – A Hesitant Fold (chopped + mangled edit)
…… c. Pan Sonic – Ilma Air
02 Marcus Fischer & Simon Scott – Branches (excerpt)
03 Léna – Meeting by the Cliff as Dark Becomes Light (edit)
04 Pjusk – Trenger å Være Stille
05 Taylor Deupree – Desaturation
06 Tapes & Topographies – The Inverse is Also True
07 Abstract Audio Systems – Particles
08 Steve Roach – Drift Departure (edit)
09 Henrik Meierkord – Jordgloben
10 Matthew Whiteside & Emma Lloyd – Solo for Viola D’amore & Electronics
11 Brian Eno – Formation*
12 SVR – Surge -II (excerpt)
13 The Grid & Robert Fripp – Empire

zero dark thirty

zero dark thirty | Minimal/Techno/Post-Rock/Noise | 87:00

Up before dawn (@ dark) to hit the gym, the trail and/or Nordic Track . . . with coffee & . . . some beats!

Made for working out (with a little stretch-time @ the beginning) – a gift from me to, uhm . . . me as a reminder that, a la Jocko Willink: Discipline = Freedom! It also has the added advantage of blending in some nostalgia, especially Plastikman, Tibbetts, Add N To (X), Speedy J, Photek & noisy Brian Eno.

Strap on your seat belt & swab out yer ears . . . this one rocks!

Listen via Mixcloud or Hear.This

01 Alessandro Adriani – Casting the Runes
02 Venitian Snares – Felbomlasztott Mentökocsi
03 Nine Inch Nails – The Waltz (surgical edit)
04 J.Peter Schwalm & Stephan Thelen;
……w/ Eivind Aarset, Tim Harries & Manuel Pasquinelli – Pluto
04 Plastikman – Consumed
05 Shifted – Seel
06 Lucy – Laws and Habits
07 Sendai – Inverse Array
08 Steve Tibbetts – Dzogchen Punks
09 Add N To (X) – FYUZ
10 Speedy J – Drill
11 Lucy – tof (Tommy Four Seven remix)
12 Photek – The Fifth Column
13 Tony Levin, David Torn & Alan White – Crunch Time
14 Brian Eno – Horse

閑静な住宅街・Quiet Residential Area, by Hegira Moya

Hegira Moya from Tokyo joins Muzan Editions with a combination of synths, guitar loops and field recordings. It all starts like a daydream. Gentle synth sounds paired with meditative guitar loops swirling through the air. Later on he takes us on a stroll around what feels like a subterranean park built underneath Tokyo. Sounds coming from the left and right keeping the listener in the dark until a simple but enchanting melody shows the way back up.

Released September 12, 2017 

Hegira Moya. 
Based in Tokyo Japan. 
Making ambience and melting tones with synths and electric guitars.