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This blog is primarily dedicated to the Ambient genre of music & its discussion/promotion. If Ambient is a spectrum, we lean towards the caustic/experimental/glitchy end as opposed to the soft/New Age/warm & fuzzy end. Ambient Landscape creates mixes using the Ambient, Jazz, Classical & Techno genres as opening platforms…

…mixologically speaking…we rock it! We craft old school ambient with cutting edge glitch, drone & edgy minimal techno to formulate mixes that aren’t simply collections of sound…but the new albums, which bear repeated listening…

…tracks are usually “hand-crafted” (tweaked) via file morphing, ghosting (a treated excerpt of a composition layered atop the original) &/or layering/interpolation to create whatever effect I’m driving towards on a given set of tracks…so the the final output is often not a “straight-up” mix or a compilation…but an ambient expression

…a mixological micro-brewery! : )       Craft Beer

 Our Twitter account is here:

Bandcamp here:

#elloambient here:

…and our Mixcloud page is here:

Yahoo Groups sent an email to Group Owners indicating that they aren’t accepting online content anymore. Technically the Ambient Landscape Group is still there — but you can’t DO anything with it except send emails to one another . . . so it is, for all practical matters, closed (after 16 years).

Old Fashioned Typewriter_AL

Mix download links are kept for a month or 2 after posting. After that, they are removed to make room for newer mixes/links. Please leave a reply underneath older mixes & I’ll do my best to upload the zip file associated with that mix.

9 thoughts on “About”

  1. we have a bunch of new ambient and drone releases…let us know if you want any free download codes?

  2. Hi! Is there a good email or place to send submissions?

  3. Hello, we would like to submit Ellende: Odyssey a Sentimental Journey for review. It’s available on Bandcamp here: https://ellende1.bandcamp.com
    But we’re happy to send you a copy of the double 10″, if you send us your mailing address.

    • Thanks for the offer – we really don’t review anymore – I make mixes for personal use & enjoyment & am always amused when they receive attention via Mixcloud or the blog. I think that speaks more to the niche market for ambient than anything else.


    Our mix log & posting schedule is now complete through 2020 (based upon a schedule of 1 mix per month).

    Someone in the studio mentioned that they’re saving tracks in a folder for a stab @ a single-mix 2021 offering . . . but that may simply be rumor @ this point.

    Stay tuned to ello, Mixcloud & Twitter for any future aural eruptions . . !

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