Provenance, by Björn Meyer

There is a distinguished tradition of solo bass albums on ECM, but Provenance is the first to be devoted to the electric bass guitar. Björn Meyer, Swedish-born and Swiss-based, has shaped a unique voice for his instrument inside the most diverse contexts, working alongside Persian harpist and singer Asita Hamidi, Swedish nyckelharpa player Johan Hedin, and Tunisian oud master Anouar Brahem.

For a decade he was a member of Nik Bärtsch’s Ronin, in which his bass guitar was frequently the lead instrument. His solo work is concerned with the experience of sound in acoustic spaces: “Even though the instrument is technically non-acoustic, the music is deeply influenced by the properties of the space where it is played. The many different ways in which acoustics affect my compositions and improvisations have always been sources of surprise and inspiration.

There is definitely a second member in this solo project – the room!” The participating room on Provenance is the highly responsive Auditorio Stello Molo RSI in Lugano, its rich acoustics helping to bring out all the fine detail in Meyer’s subtle playing.


s e n d u s t . 1

Rough edges & magnetic resonance, capped off with a slightly undertoned caustic sheen make this a mix right in my “wheelhouse”. I don’t go much for “smooth” with my Jazz, Ambient or Classical music. I like the dissonance; because ONLY by understanding the dissonant edge can we truly appreciate the beauty that its resolution brings.

Thanks to Draeger Gunn, @ Kim Cascone‘s Silent Records, for reaching out with several of the label’s excellent offerings – which laid the foundation for this project. After receiving the tracks from Silent, it was a matter of crafting together a like-minded assemblage of tunes to best represent both the Silent artists and what best complimented them from the non-Silent universe.
This mix includes 5 tracks* from Silent Records artists.
Part 1 of 2 | 77:12


01 Michael Seta – Doesdust*
02 Lustmord – Deep Calls to Deep (Psalm 42-7) (excerpt)
03 Pleq & Hakobune – Depths Of Immersion (Philippe Lamy remix)
04 Björn Meyer – Aldebaran  [added, post-production] +
05 Mike Rooke – Tulpamancingsparkles*
06 Carbon Sigma – Lights Fade in the Distance of an Empty Shoreline (excerpt)
07 Lucid Nation – Mars Opposition Pluto*
08 Brian Eno & Harold Budd – Wind in Lonely Fences
09 Saul Stokes – Quiet Antenna
10 Fictions and Poetics – Underlying Substance
11 Grey Frequency – Phantom Cosmonauts
12 Scott Gibbons – Flowering Vibratory Clavicle*
13 Lingua Lustra – Ice Age*
14 Trent Reznor – Showdown (‘Quake’)
15 Lowell Levine-Sims – Fear Creates Danger, Courage Dispels It

[+ alt-version download available via Bandcamp]

sendust 1

~excerpt from “The ‘s e n d u s t’ project studio interview, 11.10.17


Black Soma, by 36

 “Black Soma concludes my space-inspired series of releases, following the ‘Sine Dust’ and ‘Tomorrow’s Explorers’ EP’s. Whereas those records were often romantic and other-worldly sounding, I wanted ‘Black Soma’ to be more grounded in the realities and struggles of people living on our own planet, today.

Tracks like ‘Black Soma’ and ‘Black Halcyon’ see a return to the emotionally-charged choral sound of classic 36 tunes like ‘Reunion’, whereas, the synth-dominated ‘Black Sun’ and ‘Black Future’ radiate with the kind of mechanical warmth I just love. For me, the most memorable music skirts the line between sadness and exhilaration, and I feel this has always been at the core of my music, just like it’s at the heart of all people.

It’s been ten years since I first started the 36 project. Here’s to the next ten.”

Released September 12, 2017


Zero Point [remixed]

An all-time favorite – Seofon’s ‘Zero Point‘ – remixed w/some ambient, glitch & dub…

01 Marcus Fjellström – Skelektikon
02 Seofon + VidnaObmana – Splendors
03 VidnaObmana, Steve Roach, Thermal & Seofon – Zero Point
04 Christopher Willits – Olancha Hello
05 Chris Russell – Orchid
06 O Yuki Conjugate – Binaryglow
07 Brian Eno – Small Craft on a Milk Sea
08 Lufth – Methane on Mars
09 Martin Nonstatic – Glia
10 Aes Dana – Grassland


dust & ether

“What are we? For that matter what is anything, save dust…& ether?
a random, mountain-top sage

Ambient & Glitch from deep inside the recesses of the ambient vault ~ built slowly, over several months & inspired by a painting by @meta_yama.


01 M Ostermeier – Inertia
02 DR – August 2014
03 Triac – Day 6
04 Taylor Deupree & Marcus Fischer – Buoy
05 Igneous Flame – Ultramarine
06 Markus Reuter & Sha – 0100 (back nine excerpt)
07 Peter James & Disturbed Earth – Clouds Collide
08 Steinbruchel – Scene 10
09 Mystified – Dusty Measures
10 Kloob – Trascendiendo
11 Shane Morris – Shimmering
12 Christian Sotemann – Simrishamn
13 Krill Minima (a.k.a. Marsen Jules) – Nautica
14 Off the Sky – Low Tide
15 Loscil – Zero


dust + ether+title

In Between Spaces


by Porya Hatami & Darren McClure

This is the first full length collaboration between Porya Hatami and Darren McClure. Both artists have shared a mutual respect for each other’s work over the years, and in the Spring of 2014 they began a project together that slowly and organically unfolded between Iran and Japan resulting in this album.

Rough edges collide with smooth surfaces creating tactile layers of ambience, through which sparse piano and synths rise to the fore. Field recordings and drones have been woven with melodies and harmonic tones. From these elements, five tracks explore the intersection between opposing textures, the interplay between different shades and the hidden moments of in-between spaces.

Granulated ambient sound…

elements__dead air

A slightly caustic & predominantly minimalistic Jazz/Ether Jazz (incorporating ECM piano stylists) mix inspired by a recent release from the Daelman/Serries/Troch trio & online buddy Thomas Park’s minimal techno field composition (which leads off);  and serendipitously comprised [75%] of other trios!

The title describes the sparse opening moments of this project as well as the fact that it was recorded @ 3:13AM – dead air space.

01 Thomas Park – North Side Three Thirteen AM (excerpt)
02 Jan Daelman, Dirk Serries & Thijs Troch – C (excerpt)
03 Jack DeJohnette, Matt Garrison & Ravi Coltrane – Blue in Green
04 Kronos Quartet – Sofia Gubaidulina Quartet No 2
05 Jan Daelman, Dirk Serries & Thijs Troch – D (excerpt)
06 Ginger Baker Trio – Skeleton
07 Wolfert Brederode Trio –  Fall
08 Nels Cline, Tim Berne & Jim Black – Momento
09 Vijay Iyer Trio – Wrens
10 Colin Vallon Trio – Tinguely
11 Henry Butler – Reflections



David Lee Myers’ Ether Music: A Nearly Lost Thread of Electronic Music

New Music Buff

ethermusic-large_orig Starkland 227

There is a certain nostalgia here both in the sound of this album and its provenance.  David Lee Myers (1949- ) is perhaps best known for his work under the rubric of Arcane Device from 1987-1993.  Under that name one finds 23 albums on the discogs web site.

Myers has collaborated with people like Asmus Tietchens (1947- ), a German electronic composer (with a hefty discography), Kim Cascone  (1955- ), an American electronic composer and producer, Marco Oppedisano (1971- ), an American guitarist and composer, Ellen Band, an American electronic composer, and Tod Dockstader (1932-2015), among others.  His output has been in the electronic music genre, i.e. no live components and he works in a style which he calls, “feedback music”.  Like Dockstader, Myers has worked outside of the academy and has relied upon home made electronics and techniques he has developed over the years…

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