g r A y

Another year older, another gray hair (maybe several!) – hopefully we’re all getting better with age.

This is a fusion of genres from days gone by . . . ambient, experimental, dub & minimal techno – with a closer borrowed from an R&B friend of mine.

01 toru takemitsu – piano distance
02 brian eno – matta
03 rhomb – 360 degrees
04 saul stokes – hurried space
05 farben – the video age
06 seefeel – charlotte’s mouth
07 EU – Christmas
08 jan garbarek – visible world
09 jack dejohnette, herbie hancock & pat metheny  – parallel realities
10 viridian sun – pelior is v
11 lunatic calm – neon ray
12 saul stokes – conundrum
13 suba – a noite sem fin (the endless night)


g r A y _2018


Kompakt Announces Pop Ambient 2019

Kompakt‘s next Pop Ambient compilation comes out on November 30th, 2018. The label’s calling it a “change of pace” compared to previous entries in the series, in that it focuses more on acoustic and avant-garde ambient styles.

“The 100-percent kick drum-free Pop Ambient series is the most endearing and enduring concept that I have had the pleasure to curate,” says Kompakt boss Wolfgang Voigt. “For this special edition, I create a homogenous experience that would both appeal to our followers and continue our tradition while integrating new micro-facets from neighboring musical universes as much as possible.”

The tracklist is full of previous contributors to the series, including Yui Onodera, Leandro Fresco, Thomas Fehlmann and The Black Frame (AKA Jörg Burger, who records under monikers like The Bionaut and The Modernist).


A1 Thore Pfeiffer – Alles Wird
A2 Coupler – A Plain Of
A3 The Black Frame – The Uncertainty Principle
B1 Kenneth James Gibson – Gone Too Soon
B2 Morgen Wurde – Schien Immer feat. Maria Estrella
C1 Gregor Schwellenbach – Rot 2
C2 Last Train To Brooklyn – Bluebird
C3 Max Würden feat. Luis Reichard – Zweitens
C4 Thomas Fehlmann – Karenina
D1 Leandro Fresco – Araña De Vidrio
D2 Yui Onodera – Cromo 3
D3 Triola – Adren
D4 Max Würden – Core

Kompakt will release Pop Ambient 2019 on November 30th, 2018.

Pop Ambient 2019


Resolution, by Nunc Stans

More deep ambient journeys from Nunc Stans.

Detailed, immersive, and expansive organic soundscapes that will encompass and entrance. Stand here awhile, one step beyond, and experience it unfold before your eyes (to the very end).

  • Composed in the Spring of 2018.
  • Performed, mastered & designed by Anthony Paul Kerby.
  • Album artwork and treatments by APK.

Ishmael Ensemble’s Live Set Is An Inspiration

File under #EtherJazz

Watch this new clip of the Bristol project in action…

Ishmael Ensemble are sometimes few, sometimes many, but always operate with the same questing spirit for innovation.

Essentially rooted in jazz, the project’s outlook blends club culture, left field electronics, and much more into an unholy blend.

Recently returning with an essential new seven inch – named Single Of The Week in London vinyl haunt Sounds Of The Universe – Ishmael Ensemble are currently working on a trilogy of releases, all inspired by Bristol and its surroundings.

The second release is incoming – order the first installment HERE – but we’ve been handed a new live clip.

Opening with ‘The Chapel’ and it’s swirling blizzard of electronics, that incessant horn line gradually finds a way to the front, the analogue and humane asserting itself against the digital swarm.

‘Full Circle’ is a sheer ensemble piece, each instrument interweaving around the next to produce something far larger than the sum of its parts.

Ishmael Ensemble remain an inspiration – we can’t wait to see where they go next.


This mix was made a few years ago & then shelved. Comprised of Ambient + Drone pieces, I had actually forgotten about it and, when I recently opened a folder of partially finished projects, found it.

The goal here was to truly hit a resonant spot within in the Eno “Interesting yet ignorable” ambient spectrum.

Each track, except the closer by Horsetail, was imported into Audacity for some post-production editing: stretching, echo addition, reverberation, added bass, etc.
Seven compositions stretched to a tad under 79 minutes – I’ve been listening to it on & off for a month or so & like it – & hope you will, too!

01 Oophoi – Quantum Light
02 Steve Brand – Light, Mother of Shadows
03 Robert Davies – Delicate Disintegration
04 Jeff Greinke – The Corner
05 Viridian Sun – (Even More) Light Years from Here
06 Mystified – Octavepus
07 Horsetail – Hollow Sea




Field, by SHUTTLE358

12k is very happy to announce a new LP from long-time label favorite and ever-elusive Shuttle358. With Field, Shuttle358’s Dan Abrams returns to the beautiful roots he layed down with his now-classic Frame (12k1011, 2000) which Alternative Press heralded as “Ranking alongside Aphex Twin’s Selected Ambient Works II and Eno’s Music for Airports in its evocation of imaginary space.”, and which Boomkat (UK) called “Shuttle358’s undisputed masterpiece.” His distinct human imprint on the highly digital sounds of the microsound and clicks and cuts movement of the time played out across his other releases as well including Optimal.LP (12k1005, 1999),Chessa (12k1030, 2004) and Understanding Wildlife (Mille Plateaux, 2002).

It is in this specific space and through splintered memories from the dawn of the 2000’s that brings Shuttle358 back to his early explorations with Field. Specifically, those sounds nestled in computers from the late 90s running period software and “graced” by the lo-fi color of early DSP algorithms. Abrams deliberately takes advantage of slow CPU cycles and crashes on old computers to piece together a framework of disjointed rhythms and melodic loops that sound like they’re crawling and skittering from a new digital dystopia. This landscape unveils elements that made his early work so powerful by the way he combines the broken with the beautiful. Deep rhythms made from truncated transients provide the foundation for ghostly vocal snippets and the signature musical ambience that defines the Shuttle358 atmosphere.

In a way, Field can be seen as a rebirth of the glitch, a modern take on the capativating microsound movement of the early 2000’s and a captivating and powerful statement from Abrams who connects the dots and further deepens and expands his sonic story.

Released February 2, 2018


This mix meanders progressively from light: open-ended tapestry modules of radiant origins & translucent compositions, towards material that is slightly darker: bleaker landscapes of non-linear aural trajectories & denser/more opaque (in terms of sub-genre variant, molecular ambient labels) soundscapes.

It was fun crafting & aligning the tracks to convey the specific atmosphere I was seeking (the cover art is a modification of a search-engine wallpaper image from early June of this year).


01 Triac – Day 4
02 Harold Budd & John Foxx – Curtains Blowing
03 Évo Lüthi – Efflorations
04 SiJ – Floating Clouds
05 dreamSTATE – Drift
06 Chris Russell – Dolmen
07 Fallen – ást III
08 A Winged Victory for the Sullen – Atomos_VII_(excerpt)
09 Marconi Union – Slow Collapse
10 Steve Roach – Threshold (excerpt)
11 Last Days – Endurance
12 Eugene Kha – Bells of Epoch, pt 1
13 Dreissk – Arrival



ást, by Fallen

Digging this . . . !

“ást” means Love in icelandic and this record has been composed and recorded after 1 year of domestic partnership with my lady and this is the 1st time for me going through this, cause I never had the chance to live together with the previous ladies of my life. So, I can say that “ást” tries to tell how this year has changed me as a person and as a man, trying to focus the attention on little things to which we generally do not pay attention to, because we take them for granted, but in my opinion (and this is usual to me, I don’t have the habit to take things for granted) they are absolutely important.

“ást” is everyday life and smiles, cries, fights at night. “ást” is heartbeating, “ást” is to breathe.

When I listen to “ást” it’s like to see myself through a mirror, it’s like to see a shy sunrise early at morning, it’s like to see raindrops on windows glasses, it’s like to smell the scent of night (just smoking a cigarette outdoor before going to bed) when you feel worried about your future.

I composed and recorded the album between October and December 2017 and I remember I used to feel serene during the recording sessions; maybe it was the first time in my life as a musician (composer and folksinger as well) in which I felt really serene while composing an album.. a very different one from what I’ve done with music up to 2017. So, I used to feel relaxed, I used to feel an inner peace in my heart, even though I was living (and still I am) a period of very great change.

Released April 22, 2018Composed, Arranged and Recorded by FALLEN with Piano,
Electric Piano, Organ, Synthesizers, Guitars, Field Recordings
(people, traffic, television, radios) and Found Objects (paper, bottles)
between October and December 2017.

Mixed and Mastered by FALLEN in December 2017.

Thanks to Colin Herrick and Time Released Sound, Chiara (my Love),
all the foreign and the Italian press who have reviewed my releases up today, my family.