Emergence; Experimental Music from Vietnam

“Emergence” is an introductory compilation of experimental music from active Vietnamese artists, foreign artists who are based in Vietnam and those who collaborate with Vietnamese artists. This compilation features ten tracks of both established and emerging artists from all backgrounds.

Experimental music is a genre that has been overlooked in Vietnam. The number of artists active in Hanoi, Saigon and abroad is small. The first generation of experimental musicians appeared in Hanoi in the 1990s. Late 2000s and early 2010s, the second generation of Vietnamese experimental musicians started developing.

Up until now the local scene is still lacking resources, awareness and appreciation for experimental music in Vietnam. Our emergence is not only to claim our musical identities but also to open up new possibilities, exploration and potential future collaboration. For us, experimental music is a direct way to construct our sonic language; to freely express a complex range of personal experience, thoughts and emotions.

………………………………………………………..~Nhung Nguyen, Hanoi, Vietnam

Released April 25, 2018

Curated by Nhung Nguyen
Art by Dan Ni
Mastered by Jason Corder
All tracks by listed artists.


f l u i d

f l u i d | ambient/experimental | 80:06

Fluid structure tables within an ambient laminate; a bit of causticity, glitch & some experimental after-burner.

Armed with naught but a pair of digital scissors (& a small pot of glue), I hacked away at the looming stack of potential audiological deliverables until I liked what I was hearing . .

. . . and hope you will too.

[apologies to any artists, listed herein, who feel their composition was butchered, maligned or transmorgrified in any way, shape or fashion . . . it’s, uhm . . . just how I roll]

: )

01 Robert Curgenven – Eclipse (plasticine porter echo edit)
. . .[containing a reversed echoed version of the same track]
02 Moss Covered Technology – Sea #4 (excerpt)
03 Chris Russell with Mystified – Reflections in Transit (edit)
04 Dirk Serries – Brittle Air Elegy
05 Saul Stokes – Drop by Drop (evaporated leche edit)
06 Porya Hatami & Arovane – Mii
07 Steve Roach – Expanding Again
08 The Green Kingdom – Bathypelagic Zone
09 Robert Rich – Curtain (excerpt)
10 Ten – AE & VZ
11 OffTheSky – Gust.Form (excerpt)
12 Si Begg – Location 4
13 Andrea Belfi – Spitting & Skytouching
14 Brian Eno w/ Rick Holland – Fierce Aisles of Light
15 Arovane & Porya Hatami – Mata Evolve
16 Pascal Savy – Ghost Echoes



It Must Be Jazz, a MoonJune Records sampler

25 Jazz & Beyond Jazz tunes from 25 artists from 25 different albums released on MoonJune Records between 2011-2017.
Featuring 86 international musicians from different parts of the world:
Abel Pabon, Alan Pasqua, Alex Maguire,Allan Holdsworth, Amy Tata, Aris Daryono, Asaf Sirkis, Beledo, Bill Jones, Bob Mintzer, Bojan Ivkovic, Boris Savoldelli, Branko Trijic, Chad Wackerman, Charles Hayward, Ciro Riccardi,Damien Polard,Dave Carpenter, David Binney, Dave Liebman, Demas Narawangsa, Dennis Rea, Derek Di Peri, Desal Sembada, Dewa Budjana, Diki Suwarjiki, Domenico Angarano, Dusan Jevtovic, Dwiki Dharmawan, Elton Dean, Endang Ramdan, Frank Harrison, Fred Baker, Fred Delplancq, Gary Husband, Gilad Atzmon, Hugh Hopper, Hul Hul, Indro Hardjodikoro, Izaak Mills, Jason Smith, Jay Jaskot, Jean-Paul Estievenart, Jenny Bliss, Jimmy Haslip, Jimmy Johnson, John Etheridge, John Marshall, Jonathan Joseph, Larry Goldings, Laurent Delchambre, Lincoln Goines, Marcello Giannini, Marco Bardoscia, Mark Fletcher, Mark Wingfield, Markus Reuter, Michel Delville, Miroslav Tovirac, Othello Molineaux, Pedja Milutinovic, Pete Lemer, Peter Erskine, Peter Sebastian, Phil Miller, Pietro Santangelo, Raffaele Casarano, Riccardo Villari, Riza Arshad, Robert Thomas, Jr., Roy Babbington, Rudy Zulkarnaen, Ryan Berg, Salvatore Rainone, Simon Fintch, Simon Picard, Steve Franklin, Tali Atzmonn, Tesla Manaf, Thaddaeus Brophy, Theo Travis, Tohpati, Tony Bianco, Vasil Hadzimanov, Xavi Reija, Yaron Stavi.

MoonJune Records is the universal “go to” label for the exploring curious listener of progressive music with a heavy accent to Jazz and beyond Jazz. The alchemy of jazz, rock,avant-garde, fusion and world ethno future mixed here music knows no bounds. Take a sonic test drive and sample the music. Journey worldwide hearing the compositions,virtuosity, passions, excitements, and subtlety of the music of the legends and newer musicians back from London and Canterbury then jump to Belgium, Italy, Indonesia, Serbia, Germany, Israel, Japan, Spain, Uruguay, Canada, Brazil, Trinidad & Tobago, and more. There is an implicit trust in the MoonJune brand that has created an alternative soundtrack for the listeners as well as the musicians themselves that continually cross pollinate and collaborate. Listen and come into the MoonJune Universe.

– Mark Redlefsen, music journalist.

Released December 4, 2017
Dedicated to Allan Holdsworth, Elton Dean, Hugh Hopper, Riza Arshad, Dave Carpenter. (R.I.P.)


SEQUENCE4, by Various Artists

SEQUENCE 4 is the fourth installment of the Sequence series. Continuing the series started almost a year ago, SEQUENCE 4 showcases some of the finest artists from around the world, working in the genres of ambient, drone, minimal, electronic and modern classical.
The compilation remains free and is curated from just over 130 artist submissions and like it’s predecessors, weighs in at 42 tracks.Release artwork is available as framed print, stretched canvas or mobile phone case here: society6.com/aphomic/SEQUENCE4_Print


Released June 27, 2012
Curated by Ed Hamilton and Michael Waring


Seven, by Peter James

This collection of tracks are, if you like, an homage to the time I spent in Cumbria, and it’s countryside. each one inspired in some way by where i lived, and the places i visited, and came to love, and where i found some peace within them. all were recorded between 2010 and 2012. the artwork, and the extra photograph’s were all taken on my last visit to Loweswater, towards the end of 2012. it was a place i spent countless hours at, or around and above, over the years, so it seemed kind of fitting to use them for this set of works – and even if they do span over 2 years, they are all intrinsically linked by one single factor – Cumbria.

Released March 16, 2013
All field recordings, sounds, music, production and mastering, by peter james.
Artwork and photography: peter james

Star Man Underground: David Bowie Takes Over Manhattan Subway Station

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David Bowie lives on in many ways and in many places, but at the moment, his presence feels particularly acute while passing through the Broadway-Lafayette Station of New York City’s subway system. The music legend has completely taken over, from lenticular portraits looming over the heads of commuters to posters replacing the typical advertisements and even keepsake Bowie-themed MetroCards. He might have been from London, but Manhattan was Bowie’s home, and Spotify is celebrating that fact with an immersive exhibition acting as an extension of the ‘David Bowie is’ show over at the Brooklyn Museum.

Much of the work seen in the station is Bowie-inspired art, including fan art and reproductions of the pieces on display at the museum. Each piece is paired with a statement of Bowie’s that reflects his love for New York City and how it affected his work.

“The intricate details that make up the subway takeover speak to key moments in Bowie’s New York City history, many of which were in the neighborhood surrounding Youd Be SurprisedBroadway-Lafayette, where he spent over two decades,” says Spotify of the project. “From legendary concerts at Carnegie Hall to recording sessions at studios like Electric Lady and the Magic Shop, the takeover beautifully explores how the City impacted the artist, and speaks to visitors about the truly unforgettable mark of New Yorker David Bowie.”

The David Bowie Subway Takeover went up in April and will be in place through this weekend, so if you’re in the area and haven’t seen it yet, be sure to check it out. If you can’t see it in person, experience it vicariously through the social media hashtag #davidbowieishere.

s-c-r-a-p (techno)

Short…& to the point; beginning with a low growl & finishing in the fast-lane; I utilize techno mixes primarily for my workout regimen: specifically Nordic Track workouts & upper body weight/calisthenics – both using my Dr. Dre wireless Powerbeats.

diggit! |

01 Dirk Serries – Torrential Aether Shadows (excerpt)
01 Lucy – The Horror
02 Speedy J – Manhasset
03 Pact Infernal – Sapere Aude
04 Lemna – Knot
05 Kangding Ray – Epsilon
06 Photek – Infinity
07 David Bowie – Law (Earthlings On Fire)
08 Shifted – She Dressed In Grey (Static Mix)
09 Visible Silence – Into the Deep
10 Joachim Spieth – Annihilatio
11 Von Grall – Hyper Density



Martina Lussi – Selected Ambient

On the LP Selected Ambient, Martina Lussi brings together a collection of sound material from her practice to date. The material oscillates between electroacoustic composition, sound art, and live performance. The pieces are named after precious gemstones, all of which are traditionally ascribed with special powers. In using these names, the artist seems to refer to the esoteric roots of the genre invoked by the LP’s title. The compositions, however, resist the genre’s characteristically naïve re-enchantment of the world and distrust holistic esotericism’s promise of healing and restoration. Instead, they are defined much more by an interest in affective uncertainties. The gemstones don’t speak, and they don’t convey the mythical forces ascribed to them—rather, they rest in their own materiality. They don’t want to affect or influence—they simply want to exist as witnesses of/to the ultimately incommensurable reality that lives beyond our own horizon.

“Sodalith” is characterized by a melancholy sensibility; the piece is carried by a boundless synthetic surface over which a guitar melody swirls. At first, “Citrin” seems to want to unravel into orbiting, meditative qualities, but in the second part, the mood collects in the peculiarity somewhere between sustained calm and frequently disrupted rave euphoria. “Achat,” which borrows most clearly from the electroacoustic tradition, develops relatively late and unexpectedly into a subtle techno track that then repeatedly interrupts the very momentum it has engendered. Lastly, “Opal,” which was originally written for Lussi’s installation “Composition for a Circle,” writhes in seemingly stochastic contortions that lightly shake the centripetal dynamic of the piece.

In these four compositions as in other works, Lussi creates a sound world in which circling correlations raise more questions than they answer—in contrast to esotericism, which insists on imbuing its material with meaning. Lussi therefore facilitates a listening experience that refers to ambient at its best and most radical: her music represents neither a dissolution of the self in complete uncertainty nor a contemplative internal landscape, but rather a tremulous hovering over the border between the two.

Martina Lussi lives and works in Lucerne. She holds a Master of Arts in Contemporary Arts Practice. In 2014, Lussi’s debut EP, “Komposition O08”, was released on Präsens Editionen. Lussi has performed work between the disciplines of sound art and music performance at places like LUFF (Lausanne Underground Filmfestival) or the festival Oto Nove Swiss at London’s Cafe Oto.

Released November 20, 2017
Mastered by Lawrence English

Orthodox Tales, by Andrew Sherwell

Orthodox Tales is the debut album from West London, UK based artist Andrew Sherwell. He was part of a stream of bands in and beyond his teenage years centred initially on jangly post-punk Funk. The band’s name would change routinely each time a band member left which was regularly and eventually, it was just Andrew left as the band grew more and more experimental in their approach. He did manage to rack up some releases around this period, some 30 years ago – however these are lost to the mists of time due to the Rough Trade period when things would come and go within a weekend.

Andrew is still an avid collector of physical records and thanks to inspiration drawn from Svarte Greiner, The Caretaker and Xela as well as Eastern European choral music, Film and soundtracks, Andrew has increasingly been inspired to create his own experimental music.
After a good deal of time spent working on the backbone of an album, Andrew had a demo in place and before submitting it to a label, he had it professionally mastered by Stephan Mathieu. He then dropped it over to us and the rest is history…

Orthodox Tales sees us welcome back Federica Jeanne De Luca, the artist that supplied the cover artwork for Philippe Lamy’s Inner Stretch. Her artwork provides a beautiful backdrop for this six track journey through tape loops, Korg Volca keys, samples, effects, and field recordings which re-enact the tales told by Andrew’s grandfather.

For the whole of the inter-war period, his grandfather travelled back and forth through the turmoil of the Balkans, Central Europe, the Caucasus and South Russia, returning with many treasures on the eve of the Second World War. Andrew recalls his Grandfather as an old man when he’d spend school holidays at his house. On occasion at bedtimes, his Grandfather recounted wild tales of his ‘adventuring’: of the peoples he met and their folk tales, of days lost in endless forests, of nights camped out on a sea of grasslands when the frost was so hard that his blanket twinkled in the moonlight, as brightly as the myriad stars above. He told of feasting with mountain goat herders and with Orthodox Bishops, of shape-shifting shaman and of beautiful Princesses, of demons and of angels in human form. After a while, he’d be lost, transported to the magical world of his descriptions. Grandfather would lower his voice, he would wander from the story into more philosophical byways and soon, Andrew would fall asleep.

Orthodox Tales is a deeply personal account of Andrew’s childhood experience but as the themes and anecdotes play out in musical form, the album works as a conduit in which to transfer these tales to you the listener.

Released January 20, 2018
Written and produced by Andrew Sherwell
Mastered by Stephan Mathieu
Artwork by Federica De Luca

s l i p s t r e a m _ 2018

Old & new converge to once again ford the ever meandering, ambient stream…the slipstream. This series, crafted from 2006 through 2009, makes me reflect upon the entire ambient genre. Every musical category has, for me (and probably others as well), a “sweet spot” – that is to say, a favorite period of time when, in the listener’s opinion, the genre was at its height. For me, ambient music hit its peak from approximately 1995/1997 to 2010/2012:

Albums like Smile on the Void (A Produce) 2001, The Equatorial Stars (Brian Eno & Robert Fripp) 2005, Sanctuary of Dreams (Numina) 2004, Perihelion (Viridian Sun) 1999, Strata (Steve Roach & Robert Rich) O.K., that’s from 1990, Lanterna (Henry Frayne) 1995, Electric Ladder (Robert Rich) 2005, The Wine of Silence (Robert Fripp) 2012 and a perennial favorite Seofon’s Zero Point (2001) – all shaped my love for the genre as well as helped me hone my mix-craft.

And, coincidentally, this edition (with its punched-up cover art drafting off the original series with a color tweak) is just in time for my town’s annual ‘slipstream’ parade (and the ONLY American town, btw, still paying tribute to the ambient mix series that, ahem…put it on the map) ;- D

Please march (and enjoy) responsibly . . . 89:00

01 Michel Banabila – Dissolve (excerpt)
02 Ambient Landscape – Holonic (excerpt)
03 Robert Henke – Signal to Noise, pt 2
04 Brian Eno – Shadow
05 Michael Trommer – Some Sparkled Horizon
___(sampling Location 1, by Si Begg)
06 Michael Meara – By Shadowed Cliffs
07 High Plains – The Dusk Pines
08 Robert Rich – Beyond, pt 5
09 Marsen Jules – Lazy Sunday funerals
10 O Yuki Conjugate – Out Through The Skin
11 Fern – Zerinnung
12 The Circular Ruins/Off the Sky – Hide & Seek
13 Benoît Pioulard – Florid (Loscil Remix)
14 dreamSTATE – Sunspot Interference
15 The Circular Ruins – Adrift
16 Jeff Greinke – Orographic

slipstream 2018 treat 2