Thanks for stopping by – it’s certainly not an exhaustive list…but it’ll get you started if you’re looking for free/[almost] free & low investment ambient music, online. If you happen to come across a link that’s no longer valid & want to let me know via the comments section…please do (I can’t monitor it all anymore)!

Please note that, while all of the labels below have an online presence, some may additionally be physical labels (offering CD, CD-Rs & Vinyl product).

Currently, we are working on alphabetizing this list. It was imported form the original Yahoo Group version of Ambient Landscape (where members updated as sites were discovered & not into an ordered list)….


L – N E (sound art editions)
erased tapes
Silent Records
Eilean Records

Intimate Silence
Subtext Recordings


Silent Flow –


Cold Fiction MusicAmbient, Soft-Tech & House/Downbeat

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  1. Hello! How can I submit my work for possible inclusion in you podcast?

    Steve Brand

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