Part 2 of a two mix set reflecting Mr. Bowie’s recent release, ‘The Next Day‘.
Slower. Moodier.

I’ve been hooked on Bowie’s creative genius & sound since age 16 when I bought the then (1975) new ‘Young Americans’ album…& then started digging into his back catalogue. Moving through college with Station to Station/Low/Heroes/Lodger & Scary Monsters, (as well as any output by Robert Fripp & Adrian Belew) I grew addicted to raunchy/creative guitar while friends lusted after pop-ier fare like Elton John, Billy Joel, Boston or Journey). I also realize that, as I age, so do my rock stars…so I don’t expect “Rebel-Rebel” from a 66 year old, ;- ).

I give #TheNextDay 4.5  stars (out of 5) for creativity & return to form (title track, ‘Heat’, ‘Stars..’, ‘Dirty Boys’, ‘Where Are We Now?’, ‘…Grass Grow’, ‘V-Day’ & ‘If You Can See Me’ are my faves) . The sprinkles of back catalog references (wow – the drum ending of ‘You Feel So Lonely…” to “Five Years” is cool) are very much noticed & appreciated. There are several I deleted when x-fering to my Blackberry (I never like ALL the songs) but the gritty title track is one I’ve been singing in my car (yesterday AND the next day and another day!). Love the Earl Slick, Tony levin & David Torn (‘Prezens’!!, anyone?) inclusions…and of course we cannot overlook the fabulous Visconti touch (David should never have produced ANYTHING without Tony).
Signed: satisfied @ fifty-three.

01 David Bowie – Where Are We Now?  [The Next Day]
02 David Bowie – Wild Is the Wind [Station to Station]
03 David Bowie – Drive-In Saturday [Aladdin Sane]
04 David Bowie – Valentine’s Day [The Next Day]
05 David Bowie – The Prettiest Star [Aladdin Sane]
06 David Bowie – Seven [Hours]
07 David Bowie – 5.15 the Angels Have Gone [Heathen]
08 David Bowie – Boss of Me [The Next Day]
09 David Bowie –  Aladdin Sane (1913-1938-197_) [Aladdin Sane]
10 Iggy Pop+David Bowie – Fire Girl [Blah Blah Blah]
11 Tin Machine – Betty Wrong [Tin Machine II]
12 David Bowie – How Does the Grass Grow? [The Next Day]   
13 David Bowie – V-2 Schneider [Heroes]
14 David Bowie – The Secret Life of Arabia [Heroes]
15 David Bowie – I’ll Take You There [The Next Day]
16 David Bowie – Panic in Detroit  [Aladdin Sane]
17 David Bowie – (You Will) Set the World on Fire [The Next Day]
18 Jack White – Sixteen Saltines [Blunderbuss]
19 David Bowie – Blackout [Heroes]


Bowie_2013_mix 2