Part 3 . . . because I couldn’t help myself! (that’s why) : )

Rhetorical Question: Is there such a thing as “too much din”??

This series has been a blast to evolve & construct. I regularly run through editions 1 through 3 via earbuds (usually during workouts – audio noise creates enough distraction that the gym-time flies).
It’s also one of those fringe genres (ether-jazz+noise) that’s received a languid reception . . . but that’s often the way it goes when you’re on the bleeding edge of a new, or seldom produced, order of things (my friend Dirk Serries, of TONUS, YODOK III & multiple iterations of ether-jazz combos, can relate, no doubt).

And, as an aside, the 5.31.19 release of Michele Rabbia’sLost River‘ (ECM) caused me to add a new opening track to the project (w/ some treated drums segueing into track #2)

Given the diversity of artists cranking out noise like this, there’s an obvious market (albeit small) for all of this – but a market nonetheless. Our aim is to occasionally mix within that market. However, if you’re more of a Brahms lullaby sort of weirdo chap . . . by all means do NOT press ‘play’!!

;- D

[part 3 of 3 . . . a continuation of soft vs hard aural din]

This series also available for download on our Bandcamp page.

01 Michele Rabbia, Gianluca Petrella & Eivind Aarset – Wadi
02 Ambient Landscape – Stretch Intro One+Two
(interpolating David Torn’s ‘At Least There Was Nothing’
& ‘Tritone Harmonics’ by SONAR)
03 Benedict Taylor & Dirk Serries – Puncture Cycle – V (excerpt)
04 Dk3 (Denison/Kimball Trio) – Issa
05 Andy Summers – Mare Imbrium
06 Mats Eilertsen, Harmen Fraanje & Thomas Strønen – Perpetum
07 David Torn, Tim Berne & Ches Smith – Spartan, Before It Hit (part 3)
08 Thomas Strønen & Time Is A Blind Guide – Baka
09 Giovanni Guidi – No Taxi
10 David Torn, Tim Berne & Ches Smith – Soften The Blow (part 3)
11 Medeski, Martin & Wood – Retirement Song
12 David Torn, Tim Berne & Ches Smith – Eye Meddle (part 3)
13 Medeski, Martin & Wood – Undone
14 Pat Metheny – Mastema
15 Dk3 (Denison/Kimball Trio) – Landshark pt. 2
16 Nels Cline, Tim Berne & Jim Black– Railroaded
17 Venetian Snares x Daniel Lanois – Mag11 P82
18 Derek Bailey – PIE (Amatosis-Mix)