This is the first EP I made for monochrome motif records.

I started with this project without knowing a good name for it. But when I already had a couple of songs, I thought about this title “Nouveau Chapitre”.

Not only did I choose this because I absolutely love the French language, but it was also what this album was for me.

A new chapter after a year that was not really good. I lost my feeling for making music and did not enjoy it as much as when I started.

Working on this EP has brought the spark back and I finally felt like I could do it again and make a new album/EP. It was time for a new chapter, take the next step to follow your dreams and achieve your goals.

While working on this album I had the feeling I wanted people to feel like everything will be alright, even when it feels you’re stuck or don’t reach your goals, don’t worry and start that new chapter. It might be scary, but you can do it

With that in mind I made this 5 song EP, and I can only hope that you enjoy it.


Hipster Pug

Released November 4, 2022

all tracks written, performed &
produced by hipster pug

except track one lyrics & vocal by
pascal normand