Cellist GUILHERME RODRIGUES (Portugal, residing in Berlin) and guitarist DIRK SERRIES teamed up for a chamber music-esque session at the Sunny Side Inc. Studio (Anderlecht, Belgium). THE SAGE FLOWER is that collection of detailed interaction, acoustic outbursts and linear minimalism*. The album is released in a limited run of 100 copies on the prolific Creative Sources label from Portugal

Recorded, mixed and mastered at the Sunny Side Inc. Studio (Anderlecht, Belgium) on March 13th, 2022. Released on Creative Sources.
[My two cents: outbursts of din, overlapping stochastic bursts, oft-times caustic reverberation, musical janglings, danglings . . as well as occasional chords and even . . . notes!].
A podcast is forthcoming . . . as soon as I can wrap my head (and ears) around this latest flurry . . !
;- )

Released July 12, 2022

Guilherme Rodrigues : cello
Dirk Serries : archtop guitar

Photography by Martina Verhoeven www.martinaverhoeven.com