Human behaviour is understood as a sum of actions manifesting over time, defined for the most part by one’s attitudes, motivations, mental and physical state. Using language and metacommunication we connect with others and react to certain situations. The concept of posthumanism describes an ambitious, idealist entity that is constantly pushing the boundaries of its physical and mental capabilities. It is about always reevaluating one’s opportunities. The pattern drawn by their reactions unveils the representation of the vision of the “human after human”.

Although he has put out a number of albums in the past ten years, Post_ is the first release by Budapest based artist Ábris Gryllus released under his real name. It marks a new, welcome direction where his highly conceptual compositions focus in on experimental electronics.

Released November 20, 2017

Music by Ábris Gryllus

Object by Áron Kútvölgyi-Szabó
Photo by Réka Hegyháti
Design by Dániel Jani