The Humble Bee & Offthesky come back with a second opus after their first one on IIKKI in 2019. Including Rin Howell for the voice and Cody Yantis for the sax like previously. This second opus is a perfect continuity with their first collaboration, a delicate and detailed piece with a dusty out of time atmosphere.

2 last copies of their first collaboration is still available here :

Released April 27, 2020

Craig Tattersall – Piano, guitar, harmonium, bass, textures, tape loop
Jason Corder – Vibes, violin, percussion, effects, arrangement
Rin Howell – Voice, lyrics
Cody Yantis – Sax

Made from Fall 2019-Winter 2020. England-Denver.
Mastered by Jason Corder
Artwork by Federica Jeanne De Luca
Design by Sprflxgrfzm