Alba is the Spanish word for the moment when the first light of day appears, before the sun rises, and all things appear magical. Argentinian Federico Durand returns to 12k with music for dawn listening. His small and humble sounds of everyday life are crafted with simplicity, stillness and repetition – making music how children play.

Alba features a cover illustration by reknown Irish artist
Emer Tumilty.

Released April 24, 2020

Federico Durand – Musical crafts:
Sony TCM 200-DV, tapes, Organelle, music boxes, contact microphone, cradle toys, CT5, Dark World, Roland Space Echo RE-201, ARP synthesizer, electric and toy pianos, Fostex X-18, Sony Minidisc, EXH 2880, DD-7, small modular sampler & acoustic guitar

Recorded in the Patagonian Andes
and in my attic in La Cumbre, Argentina

B6 was recorded on a TDK cassette while playing with my daughter María Luisa

A1, A4 and B5 were made in Refugio Agostino Rocca, a mountain shelter in Paso de las Nubes

Illustration by Emer Tumilty
Mastered by Taylor Deupree