It’s late October, and we’re starting to review the project schedule for 2019.

One of the more ambitious projects is an Ambient/Jazz/Drone/Ether Jazz hybrid paying tribute to the A New Wave of Jazz ensemble, Tonus (various new, Avant-Garde, Jazz lineups, spearheaded by Dirk Serries [whom I’d like to thank for allowing me to preview the three latest TONUS offerings).

I say “ambitious” because it’s just that: a difficult blended mix of sound that will probably top out at somewhere around 80 minutes. We’re starting with 14 hours of music & are whittling that down to 3 hours via editing – but will still need to cut that roughly in half (either by shortening the compositions or stacking tracks on top of one another to play simultaneously – which in & of itself is a mini-project).

This will most likely debut as an ‘e l e m e n t s’ side-project in the November to January time-frame, (in 2 parts).