Meandering through & dissecting this astonishing & breathtaking retrospective of one of the true ambient masters of our time: vidnaObmana, a.k.a. Dirk Serries.
Dirk explores sound, spacing & the distance between darkness, light & the inevitable gray areas uncovered by those polar opposite & opposing forces.

Sonic waves ebb, flow & wash over the listener as they’re immersed in the beautiful, introspective sonance delivered up via Serries’ guitar-crafted ambient sound-work.

Out on double LP & CD on April 8th via Consouling Sounds.

Dirk Serries on this album:

EPITAPH is the swansong of music I like to name my vintage ambient. For more than 30 years I’ve been trying to seek perfection, from synthesizers to electric guitars, a bumpy ride for sure with lots of doubts, frustrations, extreme self-criticism and a few highs and lows but the call kept on strong. This is what I breathe, this is the heart of who I am. But that momentum has arrived to depart from this, not that I’ll abandon my ambient music completely and forever. I do see this expanding as an occasional live entity but in the studio setting I’m looking forward to discover other terrain.

[Me: that “other terrain” has, as of late, been within the realm of eclectic, avant-garde Jazz in collaboration with several different lineups of musicians]

EPITAPH is therefore my finest collection of ambient pieces to date. One, as all were, quite personal and attached as they are performed in solitude with only the imaginative mirror to hold in front of me. Melancholic impressions improvised on the spot with just a guitar and a handful effects recorded directly onto computer. Will for sure continue to emphasize with ambient music but my frame of mind is currently focused on moving forward and applying my techniques and inspiration towards new sonic alliances.

For now I do hope you’ll join me on this closing chapter and embrace this space.”

~Dirk Serries October 2017

1. spectral grey walls
2. shining form constellation
3. alternation and return
4. eaves in dusk
5. the profusion of daze
6. torrential aether shadows
7. formations of grace
8. the nebulous chords
9. brittle air elegy
10. and all the murmur fell


Dirk Serries – Epitaph. Design by Le 7e Oeil, photography by Martina Verhoeven.