Been listening to this, this afternoon – nice & nicely put together! A wonderful representation of Mr. Froese’s pioneering sound & electronic essence.
In May & June Spheredelic presented the double-album, ‘Edgar Froese – Special Tribute’. It was constructed in honor of the German musicial genius, composer, movie actor & artist Edgar Froese.

His fame originated from his project Tangerine Dream which developed from deconstructivist, traditionally instrumentalized avantgarde roots to one of the most important & pioneering forces in electronic music.

The sad occasion of Edgar Froese´s death early this year triggered FZK Wolf (aka Christian Fiesel) initiative: a tribute radio show, gathering ambient musicians from all over the world (USA, Canada, Australia, Scandinavia, Germany) in commemoration of the musician. It was originally transmitted by the online broadcast Modul 303.

The material collected by that transmission is now available on Spheredelic in the form of two epic compilations (total playtime over 4 hours!). Part one will be released in May, part two in June.

The music reflects Edgar’s work in various facets, partly continuing the tradition of Tangerine Dream, partly seeking new pathways. In this manner Edgar remains alive via the collective musical memory.


Tracklist, part 1:
01. Wolfgang Gsell – The Last Journey Of Edgar
02. Somnambule – Convert To Cosmic Space
03. Jack Hertz – Clipping Memories
04. Untermensch – Froesosphere
05. Jon Johnson – Continuity Check
06. Przemyslaw Rudz – Goodbye, Edgar
07. Harald Nies – Future-Connexion
08. Michael Brueckner – Everlasting Footsteps
09. Filter-Kaffee – Outro (Dedicated to E. F.)
10. Loptus – Orbital
11. Moekesch – Automated Life
12. B.Ashra – Odysee

Part 2:

Tracklist, part 2:
01. Phrozenlight – For Edgar
02. Tim Kays – Speaking in Froese
03. Cousin Silas – Subatomic Oceans
04. REALTIME – Back To Basics (dedicated to EF)
05. Helicon Wave – Ewigkeit (for Edgar Froese)
06. Paul Nicholson – Space (For Edgar)
07. David Gerard – Scattered Frequencies (For Edgar Froese)
08. Kuutana – Ion Storm on Jupiter Station
09. Christian Fiesel – New Cosmic Adress (Tribute To EF)
10. Rocco Mueller – Andalusien Steps 2015 – Pt. 10
11. Kellerkind Berlin – Phase REM

Edgar Froese tribute