The original ‘elements‘ (my Jazz series brand, a.k.a. “ether-jazz“) mix from 2005; remixed & updated with a new track by Dylan Howe. Eighty-four minutes (the L. Bowie, W. Marsalis & M. Davis tracks ripped from vinyl!).
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01 sven ake johansson– etwas entfernt vom mikrofon
02 lester bowie’s brass fantasy – I only have eyes for you
(btw, one of THE most gorgeous improvizations…ever!)
03 jan garbarek group – twelve moons
04 pat metheny group – the truth will always be
05 eberhard weber – concerto for bass
06 christian mcbride – myako
07 wynton marsalis – for wee folk
08 dave holland quintet – make believe
09 miles davis – someday my prince will come
10 jack dejohnette – john mc kee
11 medeski, martin & wood– midnight poppies/crooked birds
12 dylan howe – neuköln, day


Lester BowieThis album drove volume 1 – I had forgotten it was released on ECM (a favorite label of mine today).
I bought it brand new on vinyl almost as soon as it was released after hearing it on W-BGO Jazz FM
Recorded February 1985