Aural Film’s Fog Music (found here) was a great series. For the most part, slightly dark, ambient portrayals of . . .fog. Most of the individual pieces ran upwards of 20 to 25 minutes (and some longer, still) & I, as everyone else, had my preferences of sounds & track length.

So here are edited versions of my favorite offerings from the Aural Films/Bandcamp Fog Music release(s)…in a 99 minute mix (with a guest appearance by Anthony Kerby, a.k.a. The Circular Ruins, at the very end).

01 Cousin Silas – Fog Music 1
02 Todd Peck – Into the Mist
03 Dan Pound – Through the Fog
04 Christopher Alvarado – Engulfed Landscape
05 T.R.I.v.M. – Abandoned Machineria
06 Jack Hertz – Land Clouds
07 Sematic Star – Passing Through Fog
08 Ade Hodges – Fog Music
09 The Circular Ruins – The Dead
11/25: tracks 2 & 5 fiddled with via Audacity to bring up the subtle noise levels & mix in some similar sounds: More noise, less vanilla, with sounds from Steve Roach, Plastikman & An Moku layered in.

11/26: added a 12~ minute edit of Sematic Star’sPassing Through Fog‘ as the new track 7, followed by The Hodges track in the 8 spot.


Original coverFogMix