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Make Your Own Taste

I have about 10 years of catching up to do, so I had a brainwave: a series of posts highlighting the best free netlabel ambient releases on my hard drive. The ones that I seem to return to regularly, the classics that have soothed my cortex. This will be the first of a few posts, I do believe, but it does not preclude my someday choosing to do a longer review of any of them. Note this is not a ranking … all of these are wonderful recordings of the highest quality by very talented artists. You’d be downright stupid not to check ’em out. This is only the beginning of my excavations here and I look forward to unearthing many more gems for y’all.

Without further ado:


Darren Harper – Whispers (Earth Mantra, 2010)

Harper is a pretty prolific artist with many releases. This is one of his more…

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