It’s. Finally. Here!

I actually had this on my phone’s calendar…so i wouldn’t miss a [beatless] beat. I was downloading it early this morning as I let our 2 Springer Spaniels out for their morning romp – then hurried back inside to load the tracks onto my phone so  I could do the “on again/off again” listen throughout the day.

I must say it was worth the effort…and congratulations to Brad & everyone involved in erecting this monolithic structure of tribute to Mr. Roach’s Structures from Silence. It is superb!

The tracks are quiet & lush, reflective & introspective, enveloping & expansive…and make for an overall exquisite listening experience. The accompanying artwork and PDF booklet (complete with snippets of each artists experience) are the icing on this wonderful aural cake!

In a word…exquisite; if pressed for another…captivating!
Quiet Friends


1. gregg plummer : convergence – (9:42)
2. scott lawlor : quiet mind – (9:39)
3. altus : dulcet – (6:30)
4. seconds before awakening : 09.30.2014 – (12:35)
5. phase47 : circular – (7:40)
6. simon slator : solace – (6:33)
7. chris russell : particles in sunlight – (9:04)
8. boris lelong : suspended – (8:25)
9. andrew lahiff : illuminating perception – (8:30)
10. c.paradisi : tacet – (8:03)
11. jack hertz : pillars of silence – (9:54)
12. phillip wilkerson : drifting past before – (10:00)
13. space megalithe : crystal landscape – (10:05)
14. robert douglas : beyond the summit – (10:03)
15. daniel robert lahey : things work out – (9:51)
Unofficial Bonus Track:
y online [quiet] friend, Fabio Keiner submitted a track for this project that, unfortunately, didn’t make the official cut for the album. You may enjoy it here (meta-data & cover art added to the mp3…so it fits as the final album track).
Quiet, melancholy & enchantingly haunting . . . it’s a perfect finish to this tribute.

16. fabio keineretude zephyrienne

From Brad & Steve:


How do I begin to put into words my thoughts and feelings regarding Structures From Silence?

For me, Structures From Silence is like food, or water, or clothing. It is not music in the traditional sense. It is a place for the mind, body, and spirit to inhabit. It has surrounded and nourished me through almost every aspect of my life; every emotion, every major event, every mundane task. It has been my reading companion, my nursemaid, my co-worker, my therapist. My quiet friend.

In 1984 I was 19 years old, in college, beginning to open the doors from the small home of a child into the great, wide world of adulthood. I craved knowledge, understanding, wisdom. I had begun to explore ideas opened up to me by Alan Watts and others, turning to ideas of Taoism and Buddhism which focused on the simplicity of direct experience that could be attained with a quiet mind. A lover of music, I looked for a soundtrack that could accompany the quest for these truths.

Late one Saturday night, I’m sure I first heard the hypnotic pulse of Structures From Silence while listening to Stars End on WXPN radio. That was it. That was the sound of that place I was seeking, but like the koans of the Buddhists the music showed me that I was already inhabiting that place. The music was breathing meditation itself, the slow in and out, the pause between.

Structures From Silence was the inspiration for creating my own music and for promoting and releasing similar music by other artists. I have thought to myself that releasing a Free Floating tribute to Structures From Silence is almost redundant. To me the entire Free Floating catalog is already a tribute to the album. With it Steve drew us a map by which we could explore the liminal world between sound and silence.

This collection is dedicated with deep gratitude to him, for inspiring us stop and listen in that world and to make our own music there with him.

Brad Ross-MacLeod
Free Floating Music
September 2014

reflections on quiet friends

Steve Roach - Structures From Silence 30thThis gathering of quiet friends—this experience of hearing the mutual resonation to a sound and space we each, in our own way, connect to—-stirs so many complex and wonderful emotions for me.

In every piece, I can sense that inexplicable yearning and desire to enter into the limitless space, wonder, and quiet depth of just being. This was the seed for Structures From Silence.

The authenticity of connecting to the present moment is so alive here.  This collection is living proof of an omni-present sound current, one these quiet friends here have tapped into in their own powerful way to create a multi-faceted  jewel of a release.  I am deeply honored and moved beyond by your efforts.

Respect and gratitude for this gift to you all!

Steve Roach
September 2014