the scattering | experimental/ambient/minimal/glitch | 80:40

‘Scattering’ is a term used in physics to describe a wide range of physical processes where moving particles or radiation of some form, such as light or sound, are forced to deviate from a straight trajectory by localized non-uniformities (including particles and radiation) in the medium through which they pass.

In mixing the physical process is subjective, the moving particles are audible, the trajectory is semi-linear (slowest to fastest) and the deliverable . . . exquisite.

Mixed late March 2023 — “Shout outs” to Dirk Serries, Bogdan (rand), Mike @ n5MD and Alex @ Supple9!!


01 Vittorio Guindani – Jisei 13 (morphed intro edit)
02 Aidan Baker – CNS
03 Dirk Serries – Displacement (edit)
04 Tapes and Topographies – Incrementals
05 KAGAMI Smile – Borrowed Moon
06 Benjamin Dauer & Specta Ciera – Shadows Emerging (blurred morph/edit)
07 Dirk Serries – Nocturnal Discord
08 Donato Wharton – In a Mute Scape
09 Steve Roach – Indigo Moon
10 Erik Levander – En Dag I Taget (One Day at a Time)
11 Stray Theories – These Mountains
12 Youga – Naya
13 rand (Jan Gerdes & Dr.Nojoke) w/ Deadbeat – San Gimignano remixed by Deadbeat
14 Nathan Moody – Ambrosia