‘Polarity’ is the first in a three album series reflecting on the many calamitous water crises affecting life on this planet.

Fifty percent of the sales for the three album series will be donated to communities that are at the front line of these crises, in perpetuity.

Much of the sound of Polarity was inspired by experiments in “real world-ing” various synthesized and electronic signals through modified speakers, transducers, solenoids and a multitude of electromagnetic drivers. All of which allow the sounds to be captured as acoustic phenomena resonating through various materials and liquids. For years, Fritch struggled to find a way to meaningfully utilize synthesized sounds and direct input signals in his music. So much of his relationship with composition and music in general is founded on tactility and proximity serving as vital determinants in how a piece of music is performed and developed. Fritch finally found relief from this through the utilization of hydrophones, ceramic PZM mics and unique contact mic setups to capture these sounds in a way that let him feel and see the vibration, resonance and energy from these circuits.


Released January 13, 2023