As #Mixcloud has just announced it will limit Tier 1 accounts to 10 published shows as of December 2022 (no new uploads allowed unless previous podcasts are deleted – to a maximum total of 10), we will be making shows available via #HearThis. This is a promotion of Mixcloud’s “Pro” business model ($180/year, U.S.) — which I’m sure works for radio stations and professional D.J.’s . . but not for those of us uploading for the sheer love of the mix.

You may stream or download the podcasts on Hear.This for a total charge of
. . . ZERO!

Our three November shows will be the last new releases on Mixcloud.
Beginning in December, we’ll post on ello, HearThis & Twitter (as well as right here).

Happy listening!

1st podcast w/ Hear.This as the flagship content provider:

announced limit Tier 1 accounts - ambient_landscape | ello