Experimental, noisy & somewhat gritty; we’ll be using a track from this as the opener to next month’s (September) edition of the ‘u n f o c u s e d’ podcast, as well as part of a Jazz/Ether-Jazz podcast in October.

During the pandemic the only thing I was able to do was work on my own in my studio, my usual way of collaborating with musicians in person was removed.

So instead of collaborating with them in person I collaborated with the old recordings I had made to create this remix album. Reimagining my own works and recordings as electroacoustic source material to be manipulated.

It has been a really interesting and creative experience treating my older compositions in this way to create this album.

The original compositions are available elsewhere on my Bandcamp.

Released July 1, 2022

Composer – Matthew Whiteside
Viola / Viola d’amore – Emme Lloyd
Ensemble Offspring
Clarinet – Joanna Nicholson
Aurea Quartet