Incredible sounds (a mild cacophony) from saxes, percussion, electric guitar and . . . objects)!

This is a meandering ambient/experimental/noise collective of short compositions that intrigue, inspire & invigorate the listener as they journey up and down the twenty-two crafted steps of the Ensemble Ektòs.

Musical mumblings, groanings, utterances, expressions of sparse & creative syncopation and resonance are all part of their formula.
Distinctive tones reverberate & reflect upon one another; juxtaposed with silent passages between each metered step of your journey. The individual pieces reflect onto the whole of the composition . . . while at the same time, standing on their own as an indispensable/individual layer.

What one is left with, is a contemplative and meditative canvas of musically ordered machination.

~Ambient Landscape, 7.30.22
“The Septuagint is the name in which the first Greek translation of the Old Testament is identified, datable to the 2nd century A.D. According to Aristea’s letter to Philocrates, in which the genesis of this version is mentioned, 72 sages from Alexandria commissioned by Ptolemy II were responsible for the translation. Within the text, the term “prodigy” (τέρας, tearas) is never found alone but forms an inseparable binomial with “sign” (σημεῖον, semèion), thus forming the expression σημεῖα καὶ τέρατα (semèia kài tearata).

Recorded in September 2019, Semèia Kài Térata is the first work by Ensemble Ektòs, a quartet of composers and performers based in Copenhagen. The work describes an austere yet imaginative path combining stillness with the use of silences. A ritual reiteration recalling the most extreme experiences of certain minimalism and microscopic attention to timbral stratification. Rigorous and evocative, with radical attention to the beauty of the whole sound set, Semèia Kài Térata well manages to identify that sense of mysterious inevitability evoked in the title, as well as the dark wonder that miracles often bear.”

~Marco Baldini

Michał Biel: Soprano Saxophone, Baritone Saxophone
Cosimo Fiaschi: Soprano Saxophone
Francesco Toninelli: Percussion, Objects
Hein Westgaard: Electric Guitar