An expressive showcase of Flavia’s highly developed and deeply researched sound. “Glitch” renders her unique cello augmented with extended techniques, voice, synth, field recording, loops and live electronics. An organic world where perfection flutters and distorts with a microcosmic grace. The work “Glitch” is focused on the aesthetic of interferences, errors, and sound granules in a melt of acoustics and electronics. A glitch, a fault in an electronic system, becomes a malfunction of the classical way of playing the cello, far from the classical music canons to deconstruct the cello sound into small sound cells to experiment with different possibilities, so much that almost all the record sounds come from the processing of the instrument. Perfection offers no incentive for improvement and mistake is to go further. However unpredictable it may be, it has its own harmony. Integrating the error in a musical composition makes the concept itself harmonic.

“The error is there to remind the inexhaustible complexity of reality”

Released June 8, 2022

Flavia Massimo is a contemporary cellist, sound designer and event curator, both trained in classical and electronic music. She composes soundtracks for exhibitions, audio-guides, dance and theatre performances and creates interactive art installations. Her intense schedule of live performances brings her to work with several well renowned artists of classical, pop and contemporary music in Italy and worldwide. She conducts the workshop “Artigianato elettronico del suono”, a theoretical and practical laboratory, guiding the audience in the creation of a personal sound through sound-walks, acoustic exercises, digital manipulation and processing of music and ambient samples. She worked, as sound designer, with the “ CRM”, music research center in Rome. She is the artistic director of ” Paesaggi Sonori”, an unusual festival of cultural events in exceptional naturalistic locations.