Following up on his debut release with the ambient/post-classical label {int}erpret null, the Polish composer Grabek announces a new album to be released on 30th April 2021. Having intensified his creative output as of late, including a contribution to the {int}erpret null compilation ‘miniatures, vol. 1’ alongside artists such as Peter Broderick, B. Fleischmann, Arms and Sleepers, David Allred, and Aidan Baker, as well as a recent EP ‘variations on wieniawski’, Grabek will now shift focus to releasing a follow up to his stunning 2020 full-length album ‘imagine landscapes’. His new effort, composed of 10 songs and titled ‘Tiny Melodies’, is his most focused work yet and promises to captivate fans of neoclassical, modern-classical, and minimal electronic genres. Leading the way is the 1st single ‘Two’, showcasing Grabek’s skillful ability to combine electronic and acoustic instruments into a cohesive whole. Calming, gentle, and meditative, ‘Two’ is a mesmerizing initial taste of what’s to come.


released April 30, 2021