Hidden for the Eyes is the exquisite debut album from Slovakian composer Lukáš Bulko recording as Alapastel. This treasure trove of neo-classical grandeur, electro-acoustic production and subtle folk undertones was eight years in the making and clearly signals the arrival of a unique and original new talent. Lukáš speaks with spirited and assured musical voice in an ambitious, pastoral and otherworldly collection, enhanced by the vocal talents of Alex Lukáčová and Marián Hrdina and the sensitive mix and mastering of Adam Dekan.

This is the first in a new Slowcraft Presents series created and curated by James Murray: exceptional, unclassifiable music offered in carefully handcrafted limited editions for people who treasure beautiful audio artefacts.

Digital Artist Booklet: alapastelsite.wordpress.com/hidden-for-the-eyes-artist-booklet/

Released March 9, 2018

Written and Produced by Lukáš Bulko
Vocals by Alex Lukáčová and Marián Hrdina
Mixed by Adam Dekan and Lukáš Bulko
Mastered by Adam Dekan
Art by Silvia Bobeková
Design by James Murray