Recently I have written a series of pieces that are concerned in one way or another with the presentation of unique, and yet similar, events or objects. 
In this work there are twenty-four pieces for flute(s), accordion, acoustic guitar(s), piano, electronics, which combine to form an hour-long work. The pieces can be played in any order; there are 620,448,401,733,239,439,360,000 permutations. 

total time: [60:00]

Released December 24, 2018 

flutes: Jennifer George 
accordion, guitars, piano: Ian Vine 

flutes and guitars recorded at first moon, UK, September 2018 
accordion and piano recorded by lunar module in Oregon, USA, August 2018 

mixed and mastered at first moon by Ian Vine, November-December 2018 

many thanks to KAG for the use of her accordion and piano