Some nice, dark techno drones & drifts here . . .

7 years of silence. 7 years waiting.

The master of dark simplicity: beat, bass, drift, drone – Mick Harris has re-engaged with his longest running, primary artist identity, SCORN. His first salvo upon return, the “Feather” EP is anything but light. It is the darkest possible bassweight, a vortex of low frequency into which all light is subsumed.

The 3 entirely separate versions of the title track plumb unknown depths with harried atmospheres, reminiscent of Scorn’s earlier days, a time before bass music became a popular movement and Harris was the absolute pioneer in the genre. Bass weight, dub production technique with multiple delay channels, time and phrase morphology and erupting samples keep all 3 variations differing as they decompose. The final track tells a truth of life: “Whatever Is Touched Turns” and lays it out with pounding multiple basslines and the most punishing kick drum in any Scorn track ever.

Feather is a return to arms for the one referred to as the Dark Lord of Bass. Scorn lives again.

Released June 7, 2019

Created by Mick Mongoose Harris
2019 in The Lads Old Room B14