“Sparse, textured, nuanced & . . . wonderful! We’ve used every single track within a mix podcast”
~Ambient Landscape

“Kaze ga kanjō o hakobu. Subete ga kawarudarou” is Tokyo-based musician Fuantei’s debut and first album for 901 Editions. The music describes ephemeral, everyday moments that evoke deep and suspended emotional states. A frivolous and trivial time fragment made memory, the embrace and realisation of change, the reverberating lights of a habitual sunset.

Kaze ga kanjō o hakobu. Subete ga kawarudarou
The wind carries emotions. Everything will change


Released March 23, 2021
Created 2017—2020 in Tokyo. Tracks 4 and 6 recorded at Otooto. Field recordings collected in Yutenji.