Imagine a sound-scaped world blending minimal techno; reverberating dub with traces of trance & glitch . . . all atop an ambient undertone. That’s the world AES DANA engineers on (a) Period.

Quiet rumblings and mesmerizing demi-rhythms combine to wash over the listener as more aural atmosphere than album playlist. Repeated listening is essential to fully catch everything that’s going on here: subtly engineered mini-beats, clicks & pops that linger in the background while the sonance changes direction and morphs genres.

We tend to “review” albums by including tracks on our podcasts. Look for the first of these, as regards (a) period, in late August – as we employ Period 10, Evocatory as the opener – then again on a show scheduled for mid-October, utilizing Period 09, Ambivalent.

Ultimae label founder Vincent Villuis aka AES Dana returns to one of his favourite emotional fields with “(a) Period.” and explores these times of forlornness and oblivion in a Cinematic Ambient 10 chapter story.

As a creative observer, the French artist instantiates our endeavour to establish stillness, he steers the tale with a wide palette of sensitive chords, melting distant rumbles into bittersweet melodies and diaphanous pads thus leading the listener to a state of introspection and intimate isolationism.

AES Dana’s 9th album “(a) period.” stands as an elegy for unimaginable loss, and, as the composer says, “any resemblance with your personal experience is no coincidence”.


Released July 7, 2021

Written & Produced by Vincent Villuis
Mastering by Vincent Villuis at Ultimae Studios
Artwork by Arnaud Galoppe & Vincent Villuis
Photo credit: Ivan Tsaregorodtsev