“Presence” – the natural, silent, transparent state of mind, nonconceptual and not identified with any mental content, entirely and effortlessly awake and lucid, in total peace.

Quiet ambient soundscapes for piano, electric guitar, electronics, livelooping, and field recordings. The music was entirely improvised and recorded during several recording sessions in Rome between 2010 and 2018. There are no overdubs (except for the field recordings).

Releases December 20, 2019

Michael Peters (Germany) played guitar in punk bands, ambient projects, avantgarde jazz/rock bands, and open improvisational groups. His guitar is usually extended by electronics, software, and livelooping
techniques, sometimes using the classical “Frippertronics” method based on tape delay. His solo ambient/experimental guitar music usually relies on improvisation and often involves sound collages and field recordings. He has performed at festivals in Europe and the USA. www.michaelpeters.de

Fabio Anile (Italy) is a classically trained pianist and composer. Over the years, he has developed his own unique approach to combining electronic tools and live playing. He defines his music as a “a work on the theme of time”. In this regard, there is a continuum between his ambient and his polymetric minimalist pieces. Fabio has worked with many ensembles and artists. He has created audio-video installations and film soundtracks. As a soloist, he performed at many international festivals both in Europe and in the USA. www.eterogeneo.com

Michael Peters – guitar
Fabio Anile – keyboards
Mastering by Erdem Helvacioglu
Cover image by Philippe Paulus Jacobus Smeyers