Since 2011, Foundations has been honoring the works of artists that have had an notable impact on the direction of Dewtone’s long-standing broadcast. Collectively, these compilations encompass a set of shared values that have helped shape and define the boundaries of our programming.

Steady shifts you hear in the stream are thanks largely to individuals like this passing through and providing us with fresh approaches to formulas we’ve grown to love. It’s a privilege to bring a group of talented music makers together again to help mark a 15 year milestone for this independently funded platform.

Special thanks to Archives, Moshitaka, Home Assembly Music, Dreiton, Monography, Sutemos, Untitled & After, Nephogram, Halftribe, Liquid Delay, Textural Being and all the artists for their individual offering. .

Mastered by Nikos Fragomanolakis /
Photography by Josh Appel /

Released November 19, 2019