This new album from electronic sound artist Neuro…No Neuro could almost be categorized as an album of short, electronic stories. The tracks fit together cohesively and I find it extremely listenable in its entirety (and that from someone who rarely listens to entire albums;  mostly previewing tracks for inclusion on upcoming mix projects).

Kirk (the mastermind behind Neuro…No Neuro) weaves in subtle tapestries of electronica: landscapes of pops, quirky shifts & layers of sonic carpeting that blend, seamlessly into one another . . . as well as the next track.

This body of work represents a slightly new aural direction for Mr. Markarian — but damned if I can tell you exactly how & why: be it the progressive maturation of the composer, a relaxing of overall sound & structure or an intentional & deliberate new approach to shaping his craft . . . it works; and it works very well!

My 2 favorites from this Neuro collective are ‘All the Missing Words’ & ‘Calcified’ (in fact, both will more than likely appear on an end-of-year ambient/electronic mix). They lay within a bed of quiet, sonic solitude and whisper their nuanced changes with electronic tinkering that moves the respective compositions forward like the trim-tab of a great ship of state.
I don’t know this to be the case, but it’s as if Kirk created several, smaller audio files & then grafted them together with a surgeon’s skill until they narrate their own short story – but one that, like James Joyce’s ‘Dubliners’, play individually as well as to the work in whole.

Object Models’ (out next week on Audiobulb) is at once imaginative, introspective and, most noticeably . . . IMMERSIVE. Brief lengths of landscape, drawing the listener in while allowing for independent thought even as you’re enjoying the electronic gear-shifting which passes by almost imperceptibly, then grabs your attention once again (which is why it stands up to repeated listening).

It’s like a movie you’re enjoying . . . but you’re not 100% conscious as to “why”.

~Ambient Landscape, March 2021