Engineering staff @ Ambient Landscape:
“We’ve ravished this album over the past 4-5 months & used EVERY track on a mix project!”

Hey! I’ve performed these pieces with an electric guitar, amp & pedals/electronics, at my home studio. I tend to record pretty often; sometimes I’m looking for new sonorities/noise, sometimes digging into textural motion & (errrm) “events/gestures”, sometimes I think I’m writing, sometimes I’m just practicing my instruments.

If I begin recording, it’s almost always because i feel a need to simply play with no boundaries (other than the ones clicking in that moment): to simply play. as this all’s been going on for a long time, I’ve amassed a hefty bunch of solo bits & pieces; I’ve chosen these 8 to begin releasing a wild herd of ’em.

These were recorded live, without overdubs.
Thanks much for stopping by!, I hope you enjoy this, and peace to you.

Released May 1, 2020

Recorded & mixed by DT between 2017-2020 at Cell Labs Eastern Cell, Bearsville

All songs by David Torn, Torn Music/BMI
A 9donkey’s Production (via screwgun records)
9donkey’s logo/steve byram, 9donkey’s c of uhoh/jason tors