an Ambient/Electronic mix project | 79:07 | Part 1 of 3

This was designed and constructed around the July 3rd release of ‘Superscience‘, a single track, ambient/electronica mashup by Minamo. Using a water-cooled ambient aural saw, we shaved the composition into pieces & then reconstructed the project utilizing similar sounding noise & intro pieces to create a sound installation.

Longer-than-usual fade sequences helped to incorporate an organic “feel” to the mix; with assorted, subtle treatments (outtakes, snippets, elongated intros & excerptions) sprinkled here & there, as needed, to facilitate the segues.
We also found ourselves utilizing tracks from the studio’s vault we wouldn’t normally choose for a work-a-day ambient mix . . .

. . . all that to communicate the fact that this isn’t a “straight up” mix, but rather an experimental project; an assembly of sound.

Listen via Mixcloud

01 Robert Fripp – Evensong (Sutton 3 Jun 2006), edit
02 MinamoSuperscience: excerpts 1+2 (echo & overlap)
03 Motorpig – Neutron Tide
04 Tomotsugu Nakamura – Touch with Slow Hand
05 Futuregrapher – Steinbitur
06 Federico Durand – Un Pequeño Bosque de Lengas
……(A Small Forest of Lengas)
07 Neuro…No Neuro – Much-Needed Recharge (v2)
08 Minamo Superscience; excerpt 3 (subtle bottom edge)
09 Shinpal – Seven Sealed
10 MinamoSuperscience; excerpt 4 (drifting zones)
11 M. Grigg – Response
12 MinamoSuperscience; excerpt 5 (noise crest manifesto)
13 Eiichi Abhuraya – Shoshin Wasuru Bekarazu
……(Don’t Forget Your Original Intention), excerpt
14 Joel Tammik – Temple on the Coast