Recording Location: “Klangraum” Mineralien-Museum at Essen-Kupferdreh, Germany
Instruments of the collection performed by Submerged, Julia Zanke
with special guest Achim G. Reisdorf
Voice: Julia Zanke

Recorded by Kurt Gluck and Achim G. Reisdorf
with special thanks to Jonathan Baruc for the provided equipment

Mixed and Mastered by Submerged
Executive Producer: Achim G. Reisdorf

Gravel, Gravel Bed, Rocker filled with Stones, Wooden Drum filled with Stones, Stone Slabs, Pien Ch’ing Gong, Rock Gongs (Tiles, Roof Slates), Small Lithophones compiled from fragments of Stone Slabs, Large Phonolite Lithophone, Large Pentatonic Greenschist Lithophone, Quartz Glass Bowls, Elmar Daucher Klangstein, Mallets (Pebbles, Small Prismatic Rocks, Wooden Sticks and Beater, Timpani Sticks), Voice

The “Klangstein” is a Scuplture by Elmar Daucher
The Pentatonic Greenschist Lithophone was made by Jochen Fassbender
The Quartz Glass Bowls were manufactured by Heraeus Quarzglas GmbH
All other stone installations originate from Julia Zanke

Special thanks:
Ulrike Stottrop (Head of Natural Science Collections of the Stiftung Ruhr Museum and Mineralien-Museum), Bürgerschaft Kupferdreh e.V., people of the Mineralian-Museum, Stiftung Ruhr Museum

Photos by Rainer Rothenberg (all rocks), Achim G. Reisdorf

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