r O t O [rotogravure / roh-tuh-gruh-vyoor]
a photo-mechanical process by which pictures, typeset matter, etc., are printed from an intaglio copper cylinder.

Cover art for a rework (& new opening treatment) of a previous mix.

The new cover speaks to the content, which has a lot of glitch & found-sound tapestries woven in, much better than did the original. Having artwork embedded into the mp3 as it plays on my phone or iPad is something I find enjoyable (I use mp3 Tag). I think that art & music go hand-in-hand in the final deliverable (mixes being, in a manner of speaking, the new albums).

At first I was going to use this image for a new mix . . . but with no new material on the drawing board, and our show schedule nearly complete for 2021, I decided to do a reissue . . . only slightly altered
(heh . . . just like Brian Eno does ;- D )

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