“To All Frequencies I Can Not Sense for Quartet” is composed for electric guitar (Ellen Arkbro), electric bass (Emil Skogh), drums (Konrad Agnas), trumpet (Niklas Barnö) and electronics. It is a minimalist piece which deals with lingering spatiality – a meditation on the subtle frequencies which exist outside human perception, but nevertheless surround us, ever-present.

Together, the four musicians create a detailed timbral environment encompassing both complexity and simplicity, a contemplative evolution of a dynamic sound-world that is characterised by a shifting emphasis between tones, chords and noise.

Coming from the minimalist tradition of drone music, Marta Forsberg moves between composing for instrumental ensembles (Serenus Zeitblom Oktett, Berlin), creating sound and light installations (Konserthuset, Stockholm) and an ongoing solo practice (3HD festival – Berlin, Unconscious Archives festival – London). As the initiator of the feminist network Konstmusiksystrar, she also actively works for gender equality within the Contemporary Music scene.

Each digital copy of ”To All Frequencies I Can Not Sense for Quartet” includes a limited-edition large pattern print by Swedish artist and illustrator Elvira Varghans.

With support from Kulturrådet.

Released November 3, 2017

Composition and electronics: Marta Forsberg
Ensemble: Niklas Barnö – trumpet, Ellen Arkbro – electric guitar, Konrad Agnas – drums, Emil Skogh – electric bass
Mix: David Granström
Master: Saintpid Mastering
Album cover: Elvira Varghans
Photo: Selma Grönlund