i n v i s i b l e 2 | 85:11

Part II – leveraging long-form pieces by which to create another sonic space; this time elongated with infinite segues, edits, overdubs & echoes that challenge even the parameters of linear quantum physics.

Begun whilst tinkering with the Roach composition (layered & ghost edited), recording the live Serries piece last April & then discovering the riverrun back-catalog (wonderful!). I often utilize these types of mixes (as well as part 1), as backdrops on the stereo when working from home.

01 riverrun – Marina Way Garden
02 Dirk Serries – Serries Live; April 05, 2020 (excerpt)
03 Steve Roach – This Place To Be, (remixed excerpt)
04 Max Corbacho – Dreaming Spaces (excerpt)
05 Hammock – Without Form and Void
06 Scott Lawlor – Perfect Calm
07 riverrun – Bae Treaddur
08 .foundation & Keys for Eclipse – Disintegration Patterns