blackboxsound.One.1 | 77:20

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Post-aural construction, custom-formulated wavetables, sound installation
& . . . redundancy (we’re always in the studio pushing the edge out a little bit further . . .).

The first, out-of-the-[black]-box project not created merely as a component of a LARGER mix project (see our Sun Rings mix for further explanation), but as a stand-alone mix of its own: spliced, split, altered, over-dubbed & painstakingly rendered for your next aural excursion, ambient gathering and/or walkabout
[19+ Gigs of disc space to produce one, 102 megabyte mix! The “Effects” folder contains more data than the mix itself!]

Interestingly, I only came across the Scorn track (via OHM Resistance’s Bandcamp page) after the project had been named & was supposedly complete – but I thought ” . . . . hmm : )

Cover artwork crafted/manipulated via Paper by Fifty Three
;- )

00 Intro: STUMM433/It’s All Dark (fractal, 4 layer excerpt into track 01)
01 Brian Eno – LUX 3, stretch-edited over nineteen minutes & then layered with several manipulated sections (2 & 3) of Twin Radiant Flux by Scott Cortez.
02 Rag DunThe Place That Speaks
03 SteveRoach – Into the Mist with excerpts from Chris Russell’s ‘Portal’                                                        & Neuro…No Neuro’s ‘Under the Skin’
04 Scott CortezTwin Radiant Flux (morphed sections 4 & 8) layered
with Brian Eno – LUX 3 (stretch edited to thirteen minutes) & excerpting Momento, by Nels Cline, Tim Berne & Jim Black
05 Eugene KhaBells of Epoch, pt. 2 (Fog Mix)
06 Christopher Alvarado, Mystified & Colin VallonDehli & Styx (dual excerpts layered & rendered atop one another)
07 P. Maze & Otto Lindholm – Part 1 (guillotine edit)
08 Cluster & EnoOne (fade to black edit; interpolating fractals of David Torn’sAt Least There Was Nothing‘)
09 Scorn – Black Box (Cafe Mor/UFO edit [w/quotation exit])