Pre-ordered this a day ahead of its release & received the excerpted portion & then the full album. Nice: experimental, quirky, emerging, elusive aural Sushi & . . . pop-py (but NOT “Poppy”).
The engineering staff’s already tied it down to the operating table for dissection & reassembly (into another mix project) . . . we’ll await their findings & take it from there (don’t worry; we wear masks, surgical gloves & Saran-Wrap EVERYTHING since we’re deathly afraid of the virus with a 99% recovery rate ;- D )

901 Editions is proud to announce the latest release by Japan’s Minamo, the duo formed by Tetsuro Yasunaga and Keiichi Sugimoto. “Superscience” follows their recent collaboration with Moskitoo “Superstition”, released by 12k in April, 2020.

The work was recorded at Ochiai Soup in Tokyo on May 11th of 2019 as part of the label’s showcase 9+1=0. This live format, which embodies the notion of imperfection, irony riddled in its name, has been presented in Rome, Milan, and London. These showcases combine the participation of artists from past 901 Edition releases alongside new artists who may not have a direct connection with the label but have inspired its research over the years.

The title of the album conceptually alludes to a living organism constantly mutating, formed by outstandingly peaceful harmonies and digital hums. Guitar textures and microsounds continuously merge, interacting and unravelling with one another. Alike their previous albums, “Superscience” blurs the line between live performance and studio practice, deploying sounds surgically crafted with the naturalness of the present moment of which Minamo are among the finest leading figures.

Releases July 3, 2020