A [shadowy] mix of ambient, glitch & drone; soft, aurally oriented attacks: ambient slowly morphing into drone & glitch.

Crafted in solitude, honed in isolation & remixed in a vacuum with an industrial fan (for background atmosphere & audio balancing). Mixed using tracks purchased from the L-NE & Serein ambient labels + an old, polished, chestnut closer courtesy of Mr. David Robert Jones.

A “Shout-Out” to The Slow Drift radio program for highlighting the Fullerton Whitman track on an earlier show.

The inspiration for this project came from the cover image; a photo (of a lone beach pier barricade), taken this past August while walking along the shoreline on vacation; the protagonist, so to speak, of the muse behind the initial idea.

01 Intro: Syn Phone + Duenn – Ensemble Doscillateurs (morphed extracts)
02 Six Microphones – Overture + part 1 (edit)
03 Aperus – Frozen, Broken
04 Olan Mill – Cotton Access
05 Sam Rosenthal, Shadow & Steve Roach – Blood on the Snow 1 (edit)
06 Triac – Departure Four
07 Kryshe – Meditation
08 Øjerum – On the Swollen Lips…(excerpt)
09 Masaya Kato – lrp-I__[edit]
10 PinkCourtesyPhone + Gwyneth Wentink – When She Had no Mirror… She Watched her Shadow (excerpt)
11 Donato Wharton – Mind Like a Snow Cloud
12 Imprints – Wardenclyffe Tower
13 Colorlist – Electricity
14 Hibernis – Hibernis Bells
15 Keith Fullerton Whitman – Nantes Playthroughs 1 (excerpt, w/ treatments)
16 David Bowie (w/ Brian Eno*)- Art Decade

*"Despite Bowie being credited solely for the song Brian Eno  has said he was responsible for saving the song from the out-take pile.  The original piece was recorded on a piano, with both Eno and Bowie  playing. "[w]hen we'd finished it he didn't like it very much and sort of forgot about it. But as it happened, during the two days he was gone  I...dug that out to see if I could do anything with it. I put all those  instruments on top of what we had and then he liked it and realised  there was hope for it, and he worked on top of that adding more  instruments." 
Photo: a petrified LP floating along the seashore.
original color image