i s o l a t i o n | 76:59 | Part 3 of 3

Ambient is, for the most part, an isolated genre. Given its often bleak & stark aural landscapes, I often find myself, via ear-buds, listening while I commute, compute, workout or run (though running does lend itself more to the Techno genre).

This is part 3 of 3 – but with a twist:
b r e a k d o w n1 & 2 were about the governmental crackdown re: COVID19; ‘i s o l a t i o n’ reflects the stigma carried forward by our experience of the breakdown. It’s meant to convey a lighter aural atmosphere — but with the wariness & areas of concern that ask:

“Where do we go, socially, from here?”

Will we feel “safe” in crowds again? Will the act of shaking one another’s hands disappear – or will it be “air hugs” & “fist bumps” moving forward? Will weddings, funerals & graduation ceremonies ever be the same again?
We are all, very much, still isolated – even amongst one another.

But for now, as we begin to reopen & the end of #QuarantineLife is mere days away, here are some new tracks (& a few old favorites) heralding the end of this arduous planetary lock-down!

01 Neuro… No Neuro – When You Wake Up on the Floor
02 Federico Durand – Luna Moth (Actias luna)
03 Tomotsugu Nakamura – Equal
04 Offthesky – Enter Off Color Tear
05 M. Grig – Form
06 Bålsam – Plateau (excerpt)
07 Loscil – Ryou-Un Maru (excerpt)
08 Celer – Could I Not Be Saved After All That? (excerpt)
09 Numina – Beneath the Silver Surface
10 riverun – West Quantoxhead
11 .foundation & Keys for Eclipse – IOstream
12 Specta Ciera – What Afternoon
13 Devin Underwood + Marcus Fischer – Snow on the Streets
14 Moss Covered Technologies – Gen #4
15 Jon E. K. – Vista
16 Nest – The Ultimate Horizon

Image captured from some recent, online browser wallpaper