In its original form, Adrift is a collection of 4 pieces of endless music presented as a mobile application. The application uses structured random selection to continuously play the discreet musical components with no beginning or end. The pieces were conceived as aural backdrops, seascapes of sound in which the listener is encouraged to drift in and out of. Each of the four pieces is named after an infamous ghost ship. Like the ships themselves, the music is adrift at sea, wandering with the tides, following the swells of the waves, aimless and lost.

These four linear renders of the music from the Adrift application represent a singular version of each of the pieces and are presented here as free downloads.

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Released April 25, 2020

Music by Scott Morgan, with special guests Mark Bridges on Cello, Kelly Wyse on piano and Elisa Thorn on Harp. Cello and Piano recorded by Doug Haire at Jack Straw in Seattle. Special thanks to the Banff Centre for the Arts for the artist residency that further nurtured these compositions.

Artwork by Gregory Euclide – original, signed prints available here: