Southernmost’ is the first collaboration between the English ambient artist riverrun (aka Daniel Land) and Californian new age composer William Delano. The album comes out of Land and Delano’s shared love of California, and the record was largely put together by email, after an initial meeting in 2017.

‘Southernmost’, is William Delano’s first release in over thirty years, coming more than three decades after his last effort, ‘Vibrating Air’. Delano was born in San Diego, and prior to achieving tenure as a professor, in the early 1980s, he released nine albums of meditative new age music across the course of a five year career – albums which he manually dubbed onto cassette tapes, and distributed privately to New Age stores and meditation retreats in the Bay Area of California. Long neglected, a selection of these works are set for re-release on Daniel Land’s Hinney Beast Records in summer 2019.

Daniel Land’s riverrun project is a series of what he calls “heavily-composted landscape recordings”, that he has been working on for nearly two decades, in parallel to the Dream Pop songs he releases under his own name. Taking its cue from musique concrète, and building upon the groundwork laid down by Brian Eno’s ‘On Land’ album, riverrun’s music painstakingly layers field recordings and reprocessed studio tracks into a deeply nostalgic exploration of geography and memory.


Released May 3, 2019

All works performed by riverrun and William Delano, with additional guitars on the track ‘Southernmost’ by Alan Lidden.