A Techno, Drum & Bass mix for March . . . revolving around the stellar output of Mick Harris (Scorn, FRET, etc.) & featuring a track from the recent (Nov. 2019) Scorn album, Cafe Mor.

I’ve always had a fond corner in my heart for Gyral (especially Stairway). So when it was announced, several months ago, that Mick “Mongoose” Harris, was at it again in the Lad’s Old Room, I eagerly began to anticipate the new album on OHM Resistance.

This is a slow-to-fast Techno-based project, featuring morphed/crafted tracks that don’t immediately launch into driving, sonic beats, but meander through . . . until the anticipated dance floor volume demands appropriately driven acoustical performance, style . . . and rhythm.

Anything Techno that comes within a mile of our studio is usually mixed with either an aerobic or upper body workout in mind. Noise . . . beats (& then more beats) make the grueling minutes tick by faster as my mind gets lost in the composition and those hundred push-ups, sit-ups & leg raises seem to melt away into the continuum of time (Jocko time, anyone?).

A right proper mix, with some proper bass . . . & a hat-tip to Stroboscopic Artefacts (tracks 6, 8~12).

“It is impossible to achieve the aim without suffering…”
~Robert Fripp, Exposure


01. Richard Chartier – A Hesitant Fold (echo excerpt, mashed w/Asmus Tietechens/Dirk Serries, ‘Air Melodica‘)
02. Scorn – H u s h
03. Mick Harris – Mugwump Tea Room
04. Scorn – Time Went S-l-o-w
05. Boreal Massif – Fast Fashion
06. Denise Rabe – Clouds
07. FRET – No Rain
08. Dadub Force – Continuum Abuse
09. Adriana Lopez – Awa
10. Xhin – Blinding Truth
11. Sendai – Inverse Array
12. Alessandro Adriani – Symmetry
13. Photek – Knitevision
14. Konflict – Outpost
15. FRET – The Waiting Room
16. Gore Tech – Net Terminal Gene

Featured this month @ the Guggenheim