Lots of fun today: in the Twitter-verse, in the blog-o-sphere & in general.

A Clown Car pulled into town. All of the clowns had their tits in a wringer; i.e. they were pissed off (which I told ’em was better’n bein’ pissed on)! They visited for a little while; shouting, squealing, ranting, raving, pissing their britches & making a general fuss & commotion ’bout a simple question I had posed.

But none of ’em knew the answer.
So they elevated their argumentation to the old stand-by: ad hominem attacks.

Their faces got red
They misspelled words
Their grammar (not their Grandma!) sucked
They thrashed & wailed.
They circle-jerked one another & nodded in unison like so many bobble-head dolls.
And they elevated my stats & metrics off the freakin’ chart!!
(through the roof, baby!)

And thus . . . I’m grateful.

Thanks, boys . . . let’s do it again real soon!