Following Neuro… No Neuro’s release “Scans”, a new assortment of tracks has emerged. While Scans explored much of the process of the last brain surgery, “A Particular Timeline” moves solidly into the day-to-day. From incoherent thought, to pondering one’s own timeline, and moments of sheer longing, A Particular Timeline expresses what words cannot.

While Scans was representative of one very brief set of events, A Particular Timeline bridges the gap between several permanently residual issues both prior to and following the story behind Scans. A long-term set of side-effects.

Using different sound sources, A Particular Timeline provides a flowing, ever-spreading, gentle touch, opposite of Scans’ percussive taps and whirs. Moments meant to lose oneself in.

Releases March 11, 2020

The Video Game – A Particular Timeline
As a bonus, a short video game (also titled “A Particular Timeline”) has been created. If you can solve it, an additional set of three tracks can be obtained.

The game can be found at: