“Lent“ is a collection of three acoustic meditations made with electric guitar, a Eurorack Modular System and a collection of field recordings. 

These instrumental soundscapes were inspired by a stay on the North Sea coast in the Netherlands and strives to transmit the atmosphere of the wind, the sea, the sand and the quietness of this landscape in the time before Easter, 2018. 

In some ways it can be regarded as a follow-up to Oberlin’s “In Ochre” which was inspired by alternative landscapes and had slightly different musical directions.

Released January 4, 2019 

Recorded during Easter, 2018 at Oberlin’s home studio, Koblenz, Germany. Electric guitar, Modular Synth and Field-Recordings by Alexander Holtz. 

Mastering, artwork, design and packaging by Handstitched* 

Alexander would like to give many thanks to Tim Diagram for his fine work on giving the tracks the acoustical and optical form in which they appear here.